Scenery Hot Tub Gazebo – Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas never fail to deliver their success in their hot tubs in the market. Their goals to success is to provide a wonderful hot tub experience to the consumers, that they will never worry for the maintenance since it’s cost less to operate.

Imagine having a hot tub outside of your backyard which it is safe under the rain or snow, will be such a pleasure to have. Arctic Spas is on the top of the market providing the consumers a hot tub gazebo.

They are easy to assemble, very strong construction and the quality will last longer. They are made of 100% clear Canadian Western Red Cedar which is “no knots” the best cedar in the world plus it is also made up of enameled steel roofing.

Their gazebos can be purchased as a kit or with a full on site construction. Each of gazebos has the features of 4 x 4 posts, 2 x 4 top rails, 2 x 2 spindles, 2 x 4 roof farming and enamel steel roof which will provide you and your experience to you spa of protection from nature’s elements.

You will enjoy and can relax to your spa gazebo without hassle. They do have Arctic Gazebo Series to choose from, depends on your taste or lifestyle.

Habitat Deluxe

This is a spacious gazebo with a twelve-foot square footprint with all the luxury and its style comes from the Habitat.

It has the fiberglass screens that will protect you from the insects and will give you some privacy when you dip to your spa. You chose colors for your roof of Forest Green, Brick Red, and Charcoal Grey in all durable enameled steel.

Hideaway Retreat

This is the same with Sunshine Retreat when it comes to their dimension but its boasts 1 x 4 cedar beneath the steel roof, as well as its fiberglass screening on the three sides of the gazebo will add to your privacy and protection from the nature’s elements without diminishing the beauty of the outdoors.

Hideway Retreat Deluxe

From the word deluxe which means luxury, this is the sumptuous version of Hideway Retreat. It has the same fit-anywhere footprint as the other two, but in addition of the privacy screening and the elegant spring screened entrance door this makes this gazebo more luxurious look.

Sunshine Retreat

This was designed for simple but it has touch of elegance. It has 10’ x 10’ roofed structure that will allow you to enjoy your spa through any condition of weather.


From the word itself which means to hold an attention of something or someone, this gazebo is perfect to catch the attention of our consumers to entertain their selves while relaxing.

It includes two fiberglass privacy screen sides with optional decorative muntin bar inserts which is available in Tudor Diamond or French style lattice.

Their rood varies to the colors available which are forest green, brick red, and charcoal grey that will surely blend to the landscape of your house.

Beach House

This line of series were made to house your swim spa, the Arctic Ocean. It can also be used as your deluxe backyard entertainment enclosure even if you don’t have Ocean or any other brand of swim spa.

Hot Tub Enclosures- Retractable Enclosures

Convert your outdoor space into an indoor paradise in just a minutes. They allows you to convert you very own outdoor spa, pool or patio into an indoor paradise where you can relax anytime under the extreme conditions of weather in just a minutes.

Because of their luxurious designed spa enclosures, they allow to enjoy your pool or spa all throughout the year not even worrying on what the weather is.

They are one of the largest company that provides and manufactures pool and spa that can convert into spa enclosures all over the world. Because of its excellent quality, consistency, design innovation and easy to use, they made on top 1 in the market.