Artesian Spa: Your Best Spa Provider

Rewarding yourself with some pampering and relaxation once in a while greatly affects not only your physical health, but also your emotional wellness. From students who are drained from school works and activities, business people who are always busy, athletes who are always exposed to a lot of physical activities and just an ordinary person too, everybody needs a break.

In this fast-paced world, you’ll be looking for ways that can soothe your sore joints and muscles, calm your nerves, clear your mind, and just look for something you can do to get your way out from stress.

A nice warm dip in a tub that offers you a massage will be the best idea.

Hydrotherapy has been a great method in relieving stress, hypertension, headaches and chronic pains. It is also proven to be effective in reducing arthritis and inflammation from sports injuries or overexertion.

About the Artesian Spa

What is the Artesian Spa? How can it help you?

Artesian Spa is one of the nation’s leading spa providers. Its goal is to provide the best quality spas with most features and a wide range of products that are specifically designed to offer you with a lot of health benefits.

Artesian Spa’s commitment on focusing how to make their consumer’s lives better are evident with the quality of the spas they are providing. Each model is carefully made to be rich in features, and should have a mix of fine elegance with an effective functionality.

 Artesian Spa Features

  • Ergonomic Design

    its spa chairs and lounges are applied with ergonomic seating designs. Each seat helps to maintain even weight distribution and correct posture while enjoying your massage therapy.

  • Superior Plumbing & Construction

    their spas are built with up to the highest standard. With high quality plumbing, long lasting frame, and acrylic shells added with an extra level of protection against molds and mildew. They also offer thermoplastic base pans to protect your spa from the ground.

  • Insulation

    full-foam insulation gives the most efficient heat retention wanted in any spa, it will provide your spa consistent R – value.

  • Kingwood Cabinets & Rock Paneling

    these cabinetries will add years to your spa’s maintenance-free life. It will not rust, warp or leak or won’t require any replacement. These are made with synthetic and durable materials that can withstand any weather conditions.

You may think that you can’t afford to have your own spa because of its pricey cost, Artesian builds a spa for every budget.

With the help of their top dealers, the comfort, satisfaction and benefits of owning an Artesian spa can already be within the reach of an average person. There are already 300 worldwide markets serviced by an Authorized Artesian spa dealer

Along with the wide range of spa models Artesian spa has to offer, this reviews may help you on what model can be the best one for you.

Platinum Elite

Artesian Spa’s Platinum Elite is the most powerful and energy efficient system. That is ever designed for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa. It has a DirectFlow control system than can easily be adjusted. Which moves more water volume through the jets with great power compared to any other spa in the industry.
Its jet system produces powerful rotating pulsing action. That gives you a soothing and one of a kind hydro-massage. You will not find any other spas that are better and more therapeutic than this.

Island Spas

Island Spas are a great example for having an aesthetic appeal with a high performance in one spa. These characteristics are what made Artesian Spas distinct for the past decades.
The well-made craftsmanship and striking designs are not the only convincing features of the Island Spa. It is also built to deliver powerful massage therapy.

Island Spas Elite

This spa combines the traditional water delivery of a diverter valve. And a Platinum Elite’s DirectFlow technology. Each control allows you to change the volume of the jet pressure and air pressure. It can produce, and it also has individual switch to turn it on or off.
Pamper your skin with its MicroSilk features. It levels up your spa experience by making luxurious oxygen-rich. Micro bubble massage that works as a cleansing and rejuvenating system.

South Seas Spas

These stylish and inexpensive spas are also built with the same world-class standards. Of a quality for which Artesian Spa is famous for. With its Deluxe and Standard spa, you can be sure to feel the mental and physical benefits South Seas Spas have to offer.

Garden Spas

These spas are design for consumers who are looking for efficiency. A quality with an aesthetic appeal. Most hot tubs don’t possess these characteristics, which is why Garden Spas are set apart from the rest.
Condo and town home owners will now enjoy the luxuries and benefits of owning a hot tub. Since Garden Spas are small and it is designed specifically for use in smaller homes, tight spaces, whether indoors or out.

Tidal Fit

This 14’ Swim Spas are made to be adjustable for beginners. Intermediate and advanced swimmers. This is perfect if you’re looking for an amazing workout without going to the gym. And it will also provide fun for your whole family.
These exercise swim spas offer you a backyard gym with a hydrotherapy massage seat option. Right in the comforts of your home.  You get to relax after a tiring day of working out. You can experience the best of both at one swim spa.
Having your own Artesian spa is one of the best investments you can ever make. Artesian builds their spas for every budget, from the high end, for those who want luxurious ones. Down to the middle or lower price range but still wants a good quality.
Whether you are young that is very eager to explore and have fun, or more mature. And looking for a getaway to wind down for yourself, Artesian will always have a spa for you.