Best Hot Tubs 2015: Best Brands for Your Money

Everybody would agree that we need a little bit of time off to relax ourselves from a day’s hard work. Today, we live in a society that’s constantly striving to improve economically and through our jobs, we are demanded to make this happen. Every day we wake up at the sound of our annoying alarm, jump off of bed still groggy, fix ourselves hurriedly and go to work making sure that we don’t get late by a minute. And when we arrive in our workplaces, we do the best that we can to fulfill the expectations that our jobs have placed upon our shoulders.

Work Involves Stress

Working is not bad. In fact it’s good because through it, we get the self-actualization and yes, the bucks that we need. However, too much work can stretch us sometimes. With our minds and body expending every day, work can be very stressful. And we’re not even talking about the people that we’re working with and we’re working for.

Balance is what we need. Too much of anything is always not good. There should be times in our day or in our week that we must really set aside work and just relax. It’s not a crime to relax. It’s our privilege. And what better way to calm ourselves down and treat ourselves for a few minutes but by taking a dip into warm water inside a hot tub?

Fight Off Stress

Hot tubs have always been a favorite when it comes to relaxation. Even in the past when the Egyptians first used it as a hot pool, it was for therapeutic reasons. Dipping in warm water has been proven to calm our nerves and muscles helping us recover from muscular pain. It also relaxes our minds and brings us to a state of calmness where we feel good not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Aside from this, hot tubs are also good in keeping the bond alive among family and friends. With all these being said, you might be excited now to go and get your own hot tub. But wait; there are a few things you need to keep in mind in your purchasing

Hot tubs come in different sizes and features that fit the varying needs of customers. You have to make it clear to yourself first what you want in order to get the right hot tub for you. Budget, purpose, seating capacity, style, installation, maintenance, extras and warranty are some of the things that you need to piece altogether before purchasing a hot tub.

Choosing the Right Hot Tub

Depending on its features, hot tubs usually fall within the price range of $2,500-$25,000. Luxury models are normally priced at $12,500 and over while budget friendly ones can fall within $2,500-$6,000. Models vary to serve different purposes such a normal relaxing dip without the extra features, spas for larger group enjoyment, medical therapy and even work out add-on. Hot tubs are normally big and can fit a minimum of 2-3 persons. Decide whether you’re going for just the small one or the larger one for future bonding times with family or friends. Also, carefully check if you have the proper amount of space for your hot tub and if you would want it indoors or outdoors. Along with that, check for some fun extras and if the warranty is reasonable for you.

You might have a picture of the perfect hot tub that you want to purchase but choosing the right brands that you can trust might still be a dilemma. To help you with that, here are 5 of the best hot tub brands that you might want to look into. They rank top among thousands of models sold worldwide because of their durability and just right features that complement well with your budget. For consumers, these hot tubs are the best buy.

Garden Spas Azalea

If you’re looking to relax yourself alone or with a friend or loved one, this single to two seater hot tub is just right for you. You can either sit upright or lay yourself down and enjoy a full body therapeutic massage from its 21 jets. It can be filled up to 150 g of water and 1,649 lbs. of weight. It has a digital control water system, ASTM deluxe safety cover and synthetic Kingwood cabinetry which makes it lighter than wood and more durable.

HotSpring SX

If what you want is a hot tub that gives you the luxury of a spa but doesn’t consume that much space, the HotSpring SX is right for you. It is a small 3 person unit that can fit in a small backyard. It has 17 jets that give off a therapeutic massage focusing on your neck, back, shoulders and calves. It can hold up to 285 gallons of water, has a standard cover, and choices of ash, espresso or rust vinyl covers.

Bullfrog Spas A Series A6L

This Bullfrog spa is a perfect choice for a small family and an individual who usually have friends over. It fits 4 to 6 persons and doesn’t consume that much space. It has 177 customizable jets that target your neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs. The four main seats have jetpacks with comfort pillows. With all these being said, this is the hot tub for you if you’re looking for all the luxury you can get from a larger spa in a smaller version.

Sundance Spas Constance

The Sundance Spas Constance is a large wooden hot tub that’s good for you if you’re looking into a therapeutic relaxation along with your family and friends. It can fit up to 6 people and has six varieties of jets with 38 in total. There is also a low profile foot dome where you can get a nice and warm foot massage. You can be stylish with its 10 and 2 color options for its inner shell and cabinet. If you’re looking to spend a relaxing fun day with your family and friends, this might be a good brand to consider.

Dimension One Spas Lotus Bay

If larger is better for you, this 8 person seating capacity hot tub is great for you. Dimension One Spas Lotus Bay gives you all the luxury features you can get from a spa. Spend a restful after working day with your family and friends with each of its seats having varying jets giving each person a customized therapeutic experience. The Dynamic Massage Sequencer allows you to choose from 6 pre-programmed massage sequences and with the UltraPure PLUS water management; it has the best water purifying system that goes along with its jet performance.