Your Best Options for a Spa Cover

Finding a good spa cover can be very stressful since there are so many good companies that offer great spa cover. But we will go through the list of the best spa covers there is in the market to narrow your options.

Spa Mart

First on our list is a spa cover from Spa Mart. You can buy them online which makes it easier for you to find them. By simply selecting the model of your Spa and the special pattern for radius, it will only take you 5 minutes the most to select and order your spa cover. With the special pattern for radius, it is much easier for you to find the perfect spa cover for your needs.

Spa Mart’s spa cover comes into two. One, is the “Basic” cover that carries a 1 year warranty which cost $296 shipped. Second, the “Standard” cover is a  5”x3” cover with 1 lb foam and is $320 only and is already shipped. These are their best sellers. The Standard spa cover offers a 5 year warranty period.

Robert’s Hot Tub

Another great product is that offered by Robert’s Hot Tub. What’s good with this brand is that it makes sure of the size of you spa before you can actually place an order for their spa cover. The Robert’s Hot Tub spa cover is a 4”x2” with 1.5 lb foam that only cost $320. This cover has 6 mil vapour barrier, steel channel beams, a good quality vinyl and vacuum stealing. This also comes with a continuous hinge seal.


Also, Costco makes a Custom Made Replacement Spa Cover. This is made of the highest quality and above standards materials that is designed to last and function under any circumstances and in any environment. This is especially made from marine grade materials with tapered angles that will allow snow and rain to drain properly.

Before you can actually place an order, the dimensions of your spa tub will are meticulously asked from you to custom made the cover for your spa tub. The materials from the spa cover does allow the rain, moisture or even snow to drift off the cover to avoid water from pooling on top of your spa cover. The warranty for this is for 3 years.


Also, the Sunstar offers spa cover that is top of the line with virgin foam cores which is great with retaining heat in your spa. Sunstar spa cover also has its exclusive Antaeus 2000 Vapor seal, an N-ergy Fit technology and Full length Heat Seal Gasket. Also, Sunstar’s Spa Cover has ASTM Cover standard and is UL Classified that also offers 3 year non-prorated warranty.

This Spa Cover uses marine grade vinyl that has mildew and UV inhibitors that makes the cover more stable. This cover has 28 points of internal reinforcement for every stress point especially in the hinge, handles, corners, straps and skirts. Another thing that makes this Spa Cover very ideal to buy is that the company itself has had over 30 years of experienced craftsmanship.