Beyond Nice Hot Tub Covers

With all the growing businesses around the world, you won’t be so sure of which one is the best. All are claiming that they offer products with quality and with a reasonable price. Among these businesses, there are some who are true and reliable in what they offer. However, there are also who claims well but in reality they are not.

When it comes to hot tub covers, there are still manufacturers that can be trusted. One of the well-known company that offers hot tub covers is Beyond Nice.

Beyond Nice Hot Tub Cover

Beyond Nice offers hot tub covers that customer will surely like. They have website for customers to easily connect with them. So it will not be difficult if customers have orders. Aside from that, Beyond Nice is already 20 years in the business. If they are not good in providing their customer’s needs, they won’t stay that long in the industry for years.

Its Benefits

Another reason why you should choose Beyond Nice hot tub cover is it offers up to five years warranty in their products. Unlike other hot tub covers, Beyond Nice added 53% more insulation in their hot tub covers which results to more savings on energy cost. Their hot tub covers are 25% stronger than their competitors. Thus, Beyond Nice’s hot tub covers prevents breakage more than other covers. They also use Grade Vinyl which is best for UV resistance.

Moreover, Beyond Nice hot tub covers has 30% C channel stronger than aluminum. They offer their customer a standardized hot tub cover like no other. Beyond Nice provides an excellent product for their customers. Above all, they always provide superior quality, service, and value to their customers.

Its Features

Beyond Nice hot tub covers are made with cores sealed in an oven where the air is kept at 0% humidity. Moisture free the air sealed inside their vapor barrier which eliminates any chance of condensation. This will not happen without moisture being trapped inside. Allowing steamy air to contact the core via countless drain holes promotes the growth of bacteria, mildew and germs where they cannot be cleaned or removed. This results in an unhealthy and unsanitary cover which Beyond Nice will not risk.

There are so many pros and key features of hot tub covers when you choose to buy Beyond Nice’s hot tub cover. Aside from it has five years standard warranty, it is manufactured to ASTM F1346-91 (2010) standards. Beyond Nice hot tub covers have 2 lifting handles, one on each side of the fold which makes it easy to setup or keep. It also has Multilayer vinyl hinge to aid in handling and folding the cover. It also has steam stopper which seals the heat at each end of the hinge for added insulating. This hot tub cover has 4 locking straps which is placed on each side of the cover. Beyond Nice hot tub cover has up to 6” skirt for additional evaporation and thermal protection. It has bottom mesh to allow moisture relief. If you worry about the size, well, you don’t have to worry because with Beyond Nice can have as much size as 96×96 with no additional charge.

With all this benefits and features, you will never regret buying one of Beyond Nice’s hot tub cover.