Bullfrog Spas Model A6L Review

The Bullfrog Spa is the ideal unit for single individuals or a small family. This hot tub allows 4 people to sit comfortably and be able to handle up to 6 people in total which will surely make ideal for entertaining a couple of guests. You can guarantee that the number of jets this tub has will surely amaze you in every way.

The great thing about this tub is that you can customize it to accommodate a total of 177 jets. The 4 seats that it houses have a jet pack with comfort pillows to provide total relaxation for anyone who sits on it. The corners of this bathtub have jets as well as for the wrist, foot, hips, and legs.

This bathtub is great for nighttime use because it can shine even when it’s dark. The unit also has an interior LED system, exterior lighting system, and a top-rail LED system that will surely help illuminate the bathtub at any time.

Even though this hot tub doesn’t come with the standard audio system but you can always add one on it if you want. The optional audio features include auxiliary hookups for an MP3, iPod, Bluetooth, etc. plus speakers to provide entertainment while you relax on it. It also comes with a 2 speed pump that circulates water continuously through the entire unit. The overall pump brake horsepower for this hot tub is 4.8 and the total pump continuous duty horsepower runs at 2.5.

The Bullfrog Spa is 6 feet, 8 inches wide and 7 feet, 4 inches long and has a height of 34 inches high. It is capable of holding up to 350 gallons of water to the normal fill line.

You can say that this outdoor hot tub may not be that large in size but you can guarantee that it’s still good for a small family or several friends to use that is capable of providing total comfort. It comes with a lot of jets that will surely make your muscles feel relieved easily especially after a very long day. With everything that is packed into this hot tub, you can guarantee that it’s the best investment you will have for that overall comfort at home.