Bullfrog Spas: Hot Tubs Redefined

Stress is everywhere. We wake up every day not knowing what may happen and how our day might end. We go to work and our jobs become too much sometimes.

Our workloads are heaps and our deadlines are near. Traffic is still worse and queue lines are too. The people we meet sometimes say or do things that we don’t like and we snap.

Oh we hate it when we snap because then every good thing seems to collapse and our minds get filled incessantly with negative thoughts. And what do we get? We get ourselves stressed. And how does our day end? It doesn’t end well.

Good thing that after a tiring and stressful day, we can always look forward to going home and finding relaxation as we rejuvenate ourselves through a warm therapeutic massage in our hot tubs.

That is if you have one. Hot tubs are really helpful in giving any one the relaxation he/she needs to end the day peacefully. And since it’s mostly built for a group, hot tubs are also very good in keeping family and friends bonded as they enjoy a whole lot of laughter, conversation and relaxation together.

Numerous hot tubs of different models are available online and in various retail outlets, but the model that’s been making a lot of noise lately are Bullfrog Spas.

Since hot tubs were first invented decades ago, they have gone a long way. Before we start talking about how awesome Bullfrog spas are, let’s have a quick look at how hot tubs developed into what they are today.

A very long time ago, way back 4,000 years, therapeutic benefits were discovered by the Egyptians from dipping into hot pools.

The Romans also discovered the same thing that one of its early emperors, Emperor Agrippa, decided to have a large scale spa built.

It was first called a thermal. The “spa” word came to be through weary battle legionnaires in the Roman Empire. They found out that hot pools help them recover from their battle wounds that they decided to call it a “Sanus Per Aquam” treatment which means “health through water”.

Over time, hot spas became very popular all around the world that people started to experiment by making these large hot pools into smaller vessels that can fit in their backyards.

Thus the first makeshift hot tubs became popular in California in the 1960s. They were originally made from wood and empty wine barrels.

This sparked an interest among innovators and after realizing as well that wood was not that durable and good in maintaining clean water, hot tubs made out of gel-coated fiberglass began to evolve in the latter part of the decade.

Innovations were non-stop. Companies saw the increasing needs of people and they started to install pumps, filters, control systems and jets to really create a spa experience inside a home hot tub.

That’s how it all ended to what hot tubs are now. But if you think that that’s all it can be, think again because you have yet to experience yourself another redefining innovation.

Hot tubs today have become more personalized as you are able to customize your own spa experience in Bullfrog spas. Get all the benefits of a hot tub the way you want it.

Bullfrog spas are luxury hot tubs that can fit a large group, making it a very good choice if you’re looking for some company to spend a relaxing time with.

It is equipped with the patented JetPak Therapy System that makes it very versatile and allows you to customize your own therapy experience. Made out of 100% wood free spa structure, it has reliable quality and durability. And with 90% less plumping, these spas are very cost efficient.

spaJetPak Technology

Through the JetPak Technology, you are allowed to choose your own hydrotherapy massage and which seat you want to place it in your Bullfrog spa.

Your friends and family members can even try them all as you interchange jetpaks in a minute. You can also upgrade your jetpaks if new versions are available. Now you can enjoy a unique spa experience every time you take a dip in your hot tub.

Aside from that, you can also trust that each of your jetpaks will give you an adjustable powerful massage that can operate all at the same time.

You might think that this customized spa experience is too good to be true, it’ll be a pain in your pockets eventually, but you thought wrong.

Actually, Bullfrog spas are very much energy efficient.  Because of it having 90% less plumbing, more energy is concentrated in your jetpaks letting you save up a whole lot of energy cost.

QualificationsQuality Construction

The makers of Bullfrog spas know very well that what you don’t see matters so dependability and durability are what you can expect from this unique hot tub that’s constructed using the highest quality standards.

From the base upwards and up to every single jetpak, Bullfrog spas are 100% wood free so you can stop worrying about possible corrosion, rusting or decay that usually happens with hot tubs made out of wood or metal. Its base and frames are made out of ABS plastic and its outer shell of acrylic.

With 90% less plumbing and fewer holes because of all the pumps substituted by the JetPak System, Bullfrog spas are leak proof. Its WellSpring filtration system also ensures crystal clear and clean water through dual filtration and sanitization.


AdvantageEnergy Efficiency

Another awesome thing about Bullfrog spas and why a lot of people are being pulled by it is not its customizable JetPak Technology only, but its energy efficient element that is so undeniably true. Data compiled by the California Energy Commission even shows that Bullfrog spas are the most energy efficient hot tubs.

This is largely due to the very much less plumbing in its spa structure. Lesser plumbing means lesser water friction which subsequently means lesser energy cost.

Bullfrog spas also have this full-foam insulation that locks up and recycles heat inside the hot tub. Now you can truly enjoy the luxury of spa relaxation without worrying of any unwanted changes in your electrical bill.

Hot tubs have really gone a very long way since the time it was first discovered and invented. Through the years it has only developed and have become even better, pursuing in providing only the best spa therapy experience anyone would want.

And if you’re looking for the best of what hot tubs can offer today, you should not miss out in trying the customized, quality and energy efficient spa therapy experience only Bullfrog spas can offer. Because you definitely deserve it!