Cal Spa Hot Tub

With the technology advancing more and more as time passes by, it becomes difficult for us to have personal contact with other people. We only communicate to each other through texting, calls, e-mail or via social media accounts.

But bonding in a family is really important. But thinking of ways to lure your children to get away from their phones or Ipads or laptops and out of their bedroom and hang out with you can really be difficult.

One of the ways for the family to get together is when they go to expensive resort or five star hotels to relax, unwind and also to bond. But a trip to a resort can get be physically exhausting since you have to prepare things you have to bring and it can the money you will spend is also not a joke.

But what if I tell you that you don’t have to go anywhere just to experience that refreshing resort spa experience? Yup, that is right people. You the resort at the comfort of home with help of Cal Spa because that’s what they have been trying to do for a long time now, to make you experience a home resort living.

Cal Spa provides different kinds of hot tubs, saunas and spa. They are already thirty five years in this business and have already received some awards. While the other brand only offer warranty for one to two years, Cal Spa hot tub buyers can enjoy unlimited warranty of up to ten years.

The Cal Spa Products

Cal Spa pride itself for the thirty years of making excellent kinds of tubs. This company’s story began in the year of 1978, at one crowded county fair. They started by creating miniature swimming pools and it sparked the interest of the consumers and they received requests to make acrylic hot tubs.

It only took them a year before the business grew because of making those tubs. And now, thirty years later, the company is already known for making top quality products. They are already on top of their game as a result of three decades of building the company’s name and credibility.

They offer a variety of products, like hot tubs and sauna. Just this year, they launched the Gen II of their Cal Spa products. These products boasts of a pair of beautiful sterling silver acrylic shell that was with smoked cabinet panels that are amazingly colored that your family and friends would surely love.

The Cal Spa’s Gen II Collection has the classic design of Cal Spa hot tubs but it made use of the advanced technology that will surely give you the most relaxing hydrotherapy experience of your life. But that’s not the best part yet, this new collection of Cal Spa was said to exceed any expectation people has for these products.

It will give you a better spa-like experience and performance because its water circulation is better than those before, it also has cleaner water and you won’t have to worry about the electricity consumption because it can lower your electric bills! All that for a very reasonable price.

Cal Spa Parts

We really can’t avoid it, something is meant to go wrong with everything. No matter how technologically advanced something is, something will snap from it.

It’s a good thing that if you have purchased equipment or a product of Cal Spa, you don’t have to worry so much about where to get the replacement part that was broken. No need for you to run from store to store and you won’t have to worry about wasting your money if ever the replacement part you bought is not compatible with the machine of your hot tub.

All you have to do is find a Cal Spa dealer and you will surely fine any replacement part you will need. From Cal Spa Circuit boards, electrical parts, heaters, fixers, jets, lights, plumbing, water filters to Cal Spa Pillow, they have it all for you.

Cal Spa Covers

When you purchase a Cal Spa hot tub, it will come with a Hydro-Armor tub cover. But you can upgrade that cover to a tapered cover for hot tub that has a high-density foam and a state of the art child-lock technology, that tub cover is called Hydro-Armor Deluxe 5” to 3”. Any Cal Spa hot tub can upgrade to that feature.

The Cal Spa covers has tapered design that is unique and is the very first in this industry. These covers are made to maximize the retention of heat in the hot tub which makes the operating cost to decrease, so it is energy efficient and it protects the tubs from other elements that can contaminate the water inside.

The covers are also very effective in protecting the water inside from ultraviolet rays. You also don’t have to worry about the kids playing around the hot tub because the cover had an advanced child safety lock.

Cal Spa Products Reviews

For a company that has been in the industry for more than three decades now, you would expect that the clients would be very happy with their products and their service. But more than half of the people who purchased Cal Spa hot tubs are dissatisfied with their products and their service.

The Cal Spa hot tubs would cost you about $10, 000 if you want to purchase a brand new product. But most of the users complained the many years that they have their Cal Spa hot tub, all it gave them are problems. There always seems to be something wrong with it and it constantly needs to be repaired.

Yes, I have mentioned about the unlimited and up to ten years warranty of their products. When something goes wrong with the tub and they call the company for it to be fixed, the company complies with the customers’ needs at first. But as more problems arise on the hot tubs, Cal Spa Company becomes less and less compliant.

There are even some instances where the company would question you and the product you own, they will look for your receipts and when you are able to comply with that, that is only when they will take action.

Expensive and sate of the art hot tubs but requires high maintenance with a crappy costumer service. I give it 2 out of 5 stars.