Corner Hot Tubs Rock!

An indoor hot tub has become something common as the years go by, what’s cooler is putting the tub outdoors, in your patio, gazebo or your backyard. That is what’s in these days!

Just imagine all the fun you will have when you opt for an outdoor spa! You can think of or search for a creative or new way on how and where to put your hot tub.

Just think about this, when you choose to put your hot tub outside of your house, there are a lot more beautiful views you can enjoy.

You can enjoy the sunrise if you want to go for an early soak, the sunset when you go home after a tiring day from school or work or you can gaze at the starry sky at night when you decide to take a quick dip before retiring to bed.

There are just a lot of good stuffs you can do with your tub if you put it outdoors. You can design and beautify it all you want because you have all the space you will need.

What’s an even cooler idea is an outdoor corner hot tub because their shapes are even more stylish. They are not your usual round tub; they are triangular in shape and that’s even more posh!

What’s even better about going for a corner tub or a corner Jacuzzi tub is that it can help you save space in wherever you might want to put it.

You also don’t have to go crazy about thinking of where you have to put it. You can look for a nice corner where it will fit in. It will even make that corner that was once ordinary a special one. By putting a corner hot tub in there, it will become a place of relaxation.

When we talk about a corner hot tub or a Jacuzzi corner tub, there are a lot of brands you can choose from. I will give you examples of some corner hot tubs that are available in the market today.

The Rendezvous Hot Tub

This one is perfect if you don’t have much space to spare. It is the perfect hot tub to use in tight places or space. You can just tuck this spa into one corner and it can just virtually disappear.

It also has 120V plug and play system which can be very convenient for you. And it may appear to be very small when you first look at it, but two persons can actually get in this tub and enjoy a relaxing massage.

It has deep therapy seats that can give you a very relaxing neck massage. You can enjoy an alone time in this hot tub but you will enjoy more if you share it with your loved one.

The Hot Spot TX

This is a convenient spa that can fit perfectly at small spaces. It has triangular shape that can surely be placed at any corner of your home or your backyard. It has an 115v electrical plug. This tub has a filter that is easy to clean with a jet pump that can automatically run filtering cycles! S

This can also give an incredible massage since every jet in this tub is designed to do just that. They have great quality pumps which can give you the massage that your muscles need.

If you think the jets are giving you too much or too little massage, you can adjust or customize them to match your need and for you to get the massage that you deserve.

This hot tub is also designed to give you the highest energy efficiency that you can get. You don’t have to worry about your spa adding up to your worry of a high bill, it can relax you while assuring you that it runs at a low energy cost.

And you can even have more fun with this tub with the lighting and water feature it offers! You can create your very own light scene on the water underneath.

You can choose your favorite color or match the lighting scene with whatever mood you are in because this spa has ten multi-colored LED point of light. A hot tub indeed! It even has a waterfall which can add a calming effect because the sound of flowing and running water can be relaxing too.

But I’m not done yet. You can also listen to music or watch movies or television while soaking all the stress away because of the entertainment feature of this tub. You can hook an ipod or an mp3 player to it. It even has a wireless television option!

Fuzion Corner Bath

I have just two words to describe this corner bath and those are, simple and elegant. And I think that is what they are really aiming for this spa.

What’s even better about the Fuzion Corner Bath is that they allow you and encourage you to release the designer and the visionary you are keeping within yourself by letting you design you own tub.

That way you will be able to build and see what the perfect hot tub is for you.

This has great neck-massaging feature that comes from a waterfall in the tub. It also has an “infinity edge drain system” and comes with a wood deck that is optional. This tub is also slip-resistant and a Tru-Level base so you can be assured that it is safe.