Dimension One Spas Lotus Bay Review

The Dimension One Spa Lotus Bay hot spa is capable of letting 8 people seat up on it and the best thing about it is that it includes all the luxurious features that you would normally expect from a bathtub. Each of the seat contains a variety of jets that will provide your body with a total massage while you reap the benefits of the hot tub session.

There are 68 jets built into this outdoor tub wherein it is considered more than enough for this unit’s size. Each of the seats contains a handful of jets where some of it are small. And some of it are large which in return. Will provide you a different massaging experience. It also has some cool waterfall features which are capable of providing that calming effect. The lighting feature of the tub will also provide you with a mood setting even after dark.
If you are looking for entertainment such as music then the Dimension One Spa Lotus Bay doesn’t have one included in it. Yet, you can still add one on it if you want to. This extra audio system will allow you to play music from your iPhone, iPod, or any MP3 player. While you relax to the features of the hot tub.
With this wooden hot tub, you will have plenty of color options to choose from. Where it includes 8 trim colors, 11 shell options, and 5 different cover colors. This coloring option will allow owners to choose and design a unit. That can match the appearance of their backyard or porch.
As it was mentioned in the beginning of this article, this luxurious outdoor hot tub is capable of holding up to a greatest of 8 adults. And you can say that its seats are something which you have never seen or experienced before. The seat features a BioForm no-float seating which will allow you to sit there even after a few hours have passed.

Comfortable Seats

Apart from the comfortable seats of the hot tub, this one also has neck and shoulder pillows. That will allow you to rest your head even while you are seated. This will provide more comfort and relaxation as you enjoy the soothing effects of the hot tub.
The Dimension One Spas Lotus Bay has a dual-speed pump. That will make the water circulate in a more efficient and continuous manner. This tub measures a large 92 inches square and can stand a total of 40 inches. So this will make it harder for shorter people to climb on. It is also capable of holding up to 375 gallons of water.
You can say that the Dimension One Spas Lotus Bay is a great option for a hot tub. That can also cater an individual or group of friends who can do a lot of entertainment. Since it can host up to 8 adults all at once. The luxurious features of this hot tub are guaranteed to make every user feel rejuvenated. And relaxed after a long and tiring day.