Fixing the Heart of Your Spa System

Pump is known as the most important part of a hot tub. Without a pump, hot tubs cannot utilize its real drive. It is the heart of your spa system. Heater on the other hand is responsible for the heating process of your water. It should be taken good care of and be checked from time to time. It can be a cause for unsafe water and can cause harm to you. If you are experiencing a problem with the pump and the heater, don’t wait for a long time to take action before it’s too late.

Symptoms That You Should Be Aware

If you use your hot tub and the pump keep on vibrating but the water isn’t moving then that is one of those many symptoms. Second, if your jet is turned on and the water is not moving from it. Next, if the water flows from the jet and it is leaking around the pump shaft. And , even after how many minutes the water is still not hot.

How toFix theProblem?

For the Heater:

First, check if there is electricity. Try checking the control panel if the spa is on and check the If you see that the GCFI is faltered then your heater might had an error. If your hi-limit has an error better check the pump. If after checking your pump and nothing goes wrong but still you are not getting a water flow, better call a spa technician.
Next, if the electricity is on but still there is no hot water, try checking if your pump is working. If the water is not flowing from your jets, the water will not be heated. The next thing to do is check your spa pump. If still there is no water flowing after hearing the pump running. Check the filter if it is dirty and the water level. Whichever of these conditions exist, exact it. Better if you have a control panel to ease the problem.
Third, look for your metal assembly. Usually it is a metal tube that is the house of your heating element. Then, try to check for the terminals and wiring. Inspect if it has a rust. If you find a rust in it then better change your whole heating assembly. If there is no rust then you can remove the heater element and replace it.

For the pump:

First, you have to look for your main pump. Release the pump and make sure that there is a little water and observe if there is an escaping air. If you hear the air escapes, you have already released the airlock. Squeeze the union, and see if the jet works. Then, try to check the motor if it is working. If you can’t hear anything on your pump then it’s the time that you should better call a spa technician.
Next, after you turn the electricity, drain off the spa.Cut off the plumbing from its inlet and outlet. If there is a copper wiring present then cut it off.Get the mounting screws and set aside the pump. Then, inspect if the pump is wet and has a rust on it. Get the front wet end and remove the back motor. Plug again the motor without its back motor and see if it works without its wet end. If you hear something like vibration or it does not start at all, better change the pump or the motor assembly.
Consider the age of your pump. If it is 5 years and above, even if it is still working consider changing it.