Getting Rid of Fluffy Hot Tub Foam

You may want to invite your friends into your hot tub only to find out that your hot tub has so many foams in it. It is so disgusting and really embarrassing if you have some foams like that of a foam formed by soap in your washing machine in your hot tub. Your body oils react with the alkalinity of water and produces soaps.

 When this soaps suds are exposed to air, it forms It is not healthy to soak in a hot tub with lots of foam that can’t be eliminated immediately. There are some effects that can lead to this problem in which we don’t want to experience. Let’s play some chemistry tricks this time.

Get Rid of That Fluffy Foam

It is a given fact that many people are using hot tubs every now and then. As people continue to use the hot tubs and they are going in and out. Dissolved solids brought by this action that does not belong in the water will create or cause hot tub foam. Shampoos, conditioner, detergents that are being used by people using the hot tubs can all end up in the water. When the level of solid particles reaches a certain level, foam starts to float above the water.

Cleaning is Still the Best Way

Certain chemicals can help to get rid of foam but the only way in eliminating the foam in the tub is to drain it, clean the tub and replace your water. In some articles about hot tubs, they have been talking about certain chemicals to use in cleaning your hot tub. Those are Chlorine and Bromine. These two chemicals can help in cleaning your hot tub and getting rid of hot tub foam.

Another Way

There is this what they call Shock chemicals that can remove bacteria and other solid particles and chemicals in the tub. After all you have done and still it does not work, a foam suppressant can be a good substitute. This kind of chemical is added to hot tub water to remove oils and certain solid particles. Its usefulness depends on how dirty your tub may be. Yet again, if this kind of chemical does not work then it is time for you to drain your tub and change your water.
To avoid the water to become foamy. It is advisable for the bathers to take a shower first before jumping in into the tub. Wash your body with water to remove oils, lotion, shampoo and also detergent on your swimsuit. Because that can build up soap suds in the hot tub.