The Above Ground Hot Tub

A top one questions for the homeowners is whether is it necessary to get a hot tub or a spa for their own bathroom? Finding a hot tub for your very own bathroom is kind of tricky, but you need to be a wise buyer for it.

The Above Ground Hot Tub will offers you all the same with the other hot tubs the health and relaxation benefits in a much lower cost that will fit your budget in your pocket.

Excluding the other cheaper portable models which can really cost you less than $1000, the above ground spas will generally cost you from the range of $3000-8000. Aside from the very high end hot tubs it will cost you more than that.

Asides from the cheaper cost that will benefits you, this above ground spa will give you free from hassle, because of its easy installment. You can install them on any level surface and can be move them to a different location of your house.

It’s the most versatile hot tub since it will be adjusted to the way you want it to be.

Pros and Cons of Above Ground Hot Spas


This is the tub that will suit your budget. The prices for the above ground hot tubs will have the widest price range for all of the spa types.

A basic model of hot tub will cost you as little as $2,000 which is made from molded plastic called rotomold, while the luxurious one will cost you more than $15,000.

Extra costs will be from the suitable site for the installation of your hot tub, and you don’t need to bring contractor since it is an easy installation.


Acrylic is the most common material used for an above ground hot tub that backed by fiberglass. Way from the past, the acrylic surfaces will develop bubbles or any cracks from the hot tub but they already made some corrections for their modern versions.

The very stable option material for the ht tubs is the thermal plastic. Tubs that made from stainless steel is also very resilient, but it will cost you more.

Stress Free in Using It

The above ground hot tub should be installed in a level surface like a reinforced concrete that can hold the hot tub surely. It should also near the source of electricity to a standard 110-volt electrical outlet or a special 220 volt outlet for easy access of your tub.

This kind of hot tub is very precisely portable, but it is heavy to move in to other location you want it to be. But, you can bring it along with you when you are moving houses.

The Exterior of the Tub

Although the above ground hot tub can’t be customized the way you want the design to be, you were almost certain that you can find that will suit your taste for your very own bathroom.

Since these tubs can stand well above the ground level, they become the center for your landscape whether you like it or not, it is very worth in choosing one for your very own bathroom.

Some looks of the hot tub can be vary to different kinds of looks, some are like bulky plastic blocks, some has this elegant wood or faux- wood cabinets and some has the fanciest models that features the stone look veneers, have this color lighting and etc.

It Means…

The above ground hot tub has the large variety of styles and features to choose from. It doesn’t need any professional installation since you can install it by yourself with no hassle. And especially it is energy-efficient.

But the thing about the above hot tub is that it comes just in only standard shapes, sizes for their exterior design. When you are planning to install it somewhere, the place should be prepared once you are planning to transfer it there. It can have a vulgar feature in landscape.