Guide for a Safe Hot Tub Use

Yes, a hot tub is a place of relaxation and fun, but keep in mind that safety should come first before anything else. So here are some tips and guide that you can follow when using hot tubs to make sure that everyone stays safe and happy.


The welfare of the little ones should always come first. Infants and toddlers should not be allowed to be in the tub yet. Their body is still not good when it comes to thermoregulation. Children who are big enough to use the tub, those who are older than five years old. They should be introduced to the hot tub to help them adjust to the change in temperature. Also to reduce their fear and their feelings of discomfort. They should only be allowed in the tub for about 5 to 15 minutes. And they should NEVER, no matter what the circumstances are, left in the tub without any adult to watch over them.

Pregnant Women

Consult with your physician first before taking a dip at the hot tub.

Hair Entanglement

You can actually drown at a hot tub; this could happen when your hair gets tangled on the drain cover. To avoid this from happening, you have to keep anyone, especially the children from playing with their heads under the water in hot tub. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission developed a standard which requires dome-shaped drain outlets and two outlets each pump to reduce the powerful suction of the tub when one drain gets blocked. If you have an older hot tub model, you should consider having new drain covers installed or getting a spa with two drains to help prevent entrapment.

Use of Electrical Devices

You should never handle corded television, radio, phone, hairdryer or any other electrical devices while you are around and most especially when you are inside the hot tub and in contact with the water, or even when your hands or feet are wet. You have to locate the electrical outlet and keep them in a safe distance from your hot tub. And you should also never place any electrical appliance on the edge of the spa. Or anywhere they can be touched by the bather and electrocution may result.

Alcohol and Medications

The hot water in the tub can amplify the effects of alcohol and some prescription drugs, and this could result to an accident. A lot of people enjoy having a drink while relaxing in their spas. But remember to keep this at an amount that you can handle. You should also consult with your doctor. About the effects of your prescription drugs when in the tub.