Home and Garden Spas 5-Person 19-Jet Hot Tub Review

When it comes to relaxation and renewal, nothing beats the comfort of a good ol’ hot tub. But if you have an inground hot tub then that will provide twice the comfort because of how pleasing the feeling is of immersing yourself on water that is below ground level. So if you are looking for the best in ground hot tub reviews which will help you find the ideal tub for you then this article can be of assistance.

One of the hottest in ground hot tubs available today is the Home and Garden Spas 5-Person 19-Jet Hot Tub by Great Escape Spas. This can provide an in ground spa experience unlike any other so make sure to read through this review to know more about the product.

Product Description

If you want to provide entertainment and relaxation to your family and friends then this brand new hot tub from Great Escape Spas is the one you need to have. You can easily set the temperature with the help of easy-to-use digital controls and its hydro-therapeutic jets will easily blow your mind. You can enjoy the company of your loved ones by immersing yourself in this great in ground hot tub that provides the ultimate experience in terms of relaxation.

This spa system is designed to give comfort and quality as its first priority while it provides you with a modern style, value and innovative appearance. You can guarantee that all your worries for the day will be gone because of the relaxing effects that this tub provides. It will surely fit in every household and you can enjoy the benefits of a good vacation in your home every single day.

Product Details

  • Dimensions – 73 x 73 x 32.5 inches
  • Weight – 550 lbs

Product Features

  • The digital topside control makes it easy to manage the temperature and in operating the hydrotherapeutic jets for your shoulder, neck, foot and calf.
  • The tub is well-built and isolated with high-density foam insulation, fiberglass construction, and a durable, non-slip acrylic surface.
  • It has 19 jets that run on a 1.5-horsepower pump which will surely consume minimum energy even when operating at full capacity.
  • The seats are longer and the headrest is built with a comfort cushion to provide you with the best comforting experience.
  • It also comes with in ground spa covers and high quality heat-retaining synthetic cabinetry to provide convenience and protection for your hot tub.
  • It runs on 110-v / 20 amp output thus making it a cost-effective hot tub.

Customer Review

Its great. Genuinely. Led light waterfall easy to maintain and heats up easier than thought without having to do any electrical work. We’ve fit six in snugly though its best with three or four.

Having had this for a while now, I wanted to drop back in and say its performed admirably with no bumps in performance, it is starting to get chilly in GA now and the spa is seeing more use than ever and I am still very pleased with this product.” Review by HoneyBadgerATL from Amazon.com who gave the product a 5/5 stars.

Reasons Why an In-Ground Hot Tub is a Great Choice

Making your hot tub into an in-ground one is great in so many different ways. With that kind of design, you will have unlimited options for it no matter how big or stylish you want it to be. It is a great choice to put it into any backyard décor or theme since it has the infinite ability to blend in completely. You can easily integrate it into any water fountains or features thus adding more elegance to the tub’s appearance.

So if you plan on having the Home and Garden Spas 5-Person 19-Jet Hot Tub, you can easily integrate it into an in ground type. With this hot tub at your home, you can guarantee that you won’t long so much for an outdoor vacation ever again.