Hot Spring Spa: Your Portable Hot Tub

Another day ended. And you can feel all the stress has already built up and you can no longer think of anything else straight. All you want to do is give yourself a break, relax and get ready for another new day.

You can feel your body acting up on you too. Too much of a day’s work and your muscles are all powerless. And all you want to do is have it massaged and feel your whole body rejuvenated.
If you can relate to any of these situations, then it is high time for you to grant yourself a well-deserved relaxation. Through a hot spa therapy experience.

How amazing is it to work your best all day and know that after everything’s over you can go home. And soak yourself into the hot soothing water of your own hot tub. And have you a powerful hydrotherapy massage for your entire body. Without worrying about your electric bill shooting up?
That is what exactly Hot Spring Spa was built for—to provide a one of a kind spa experience. With unparalleled customer care and low operating cost. Now that is relaxing!
Nature never ceases to amaze people of its wonders. As it continues to have its wonders discovered by humans. Hot Springs for example were overflows of geothermal water from the earth’s crust.
People have discovered the luxury of wonderful relaxation that can be taken from hot springs. That the very first group of people who initiated in making it owned were the royalties of Egypt.
From then on other empires such as the Romans made it for public use. As it was further found out to heal various ailments. The hot spa wave was unstoppable that it spread all across the world. And in the 1960’s, finally reached California.
A lot of Americans loved Hot Spring Resorts and came to business. In fact it was loved that people began to embrace it when it was innovated to be of private use when the first wooden hot tubs emerged.
They applied further improvements. With the rise of computer technology, hot springs has now bloomed into a portable luxury spa. That anybody can have in their own backyards. Now you can dip yourself into a hot tub and feel like you’re actually in an actual Hot Spring.
That’s made even better with Hot Spring Spas.
Hot spring Spas has been in the hot tub selling industry for decades. And has been the only hot tub manufacturer who has won a Consumer Digest BEST BUY award for 7 years now.
They have gained their high status. Through their years of passionate customer care experience in providing hot tubs. Offering powerful hydrotherapy massage, innovative water care system and low operating cost.

Powerful Hydrotherapy Massage

They have patented jets that target specific muscle groups. Delivering powerful streams of water that you can customize to your desired pressure.
They have a variety of jets that you can choose from. But their main ones are the SoothingStream Jet. Which features twelve ports that disperse a strong broad stream of water. It relieves tension in your shoulders and upperback. JetStream Jet which is one of Hot Springs powerful jets. It produces a stream of water that is strong enough to relieve tension in your feet and back. And Rotary HydroMassage Jet. Which rotates to provide streams of water for a deep massage in targeted areas.
Hot Springs also boasts of its Moto Massage DX jet that has revolutionized hydrotherapy. This is a powerful moving jet that delivers streams of water that sweeps up and down your back.
Now that’s a hydro back massage that is of Hot Spring Spas and one that you have to try for yourself. Committed to lessening operating costs, the SmartJet system employed by Hot Spring Spas. Ensuring energy efficiency by only using the right amount of power that you need. You can enjoy powerful massages in your hot tub without worrying if it would raise electric costs like crazy.

Innovative Water Care System

You should know that the most important feature to be inspected in choosing your hot tub brand is clean water. Does it provide clean and safe water? For Hot Spring Spas, the answer is an absolute yes.
With their easy to use water care systems that you can choose from, you can guarantee the cleanest and safest water for you and your family all throughout your spa experience.
The Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System uses a patented diamond electrode that automatically generates chlorine and other cleaners. It is available in HighLife and Limelight Collection Spas.
With the ACE system, enjoy sparkling clean water that does away with dry skin and irritated eyes that you get from traditional water care.
While The EverFresh Water Care System combines the cleaning power of the FreshWater III high-output ozone system with FreshWater Ag+ continuous silver ion purifier and FreshWater MPS non-chlorine oxidizer to keep your spa water clean and well sanitized.

Low Operating Costs

All the models of Hot Spring Spas have passed and have been certified by the California Energy Commission in accordance with California Law.
Each spa was built with features keeping energy efficiency in great focus.
With many layers of high density, polyurethane foam for insulation, custom-fit and tight seal covers, dimmer-controlled LED lights, circulation pumps that use less energy and jets that only activate when needed you can definitely enjoy both the wonderful experience of a hydrotherapy massage and total peace of mind in Hot Spring Spas.
Hot Spring Spa has four different lines. High Life Collection NXT which features 3 models that represent the future of hot tub design. High Life Collection that features 11 models that’s available with the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System; Limelight Collection which features 5 models of cutting edge design and which also offers the ACE Salt Water System and Hot Spot Spas that features 5 models for fun and relaxation for you and your friends or family at your own backyard.