Lift Your Hot Tub Burdens: Why You need a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

A Hot Tub is something that everyone enjoys. And everyone enjoys it much more with the help of a Hot Tub Cover. Covers actually protect your Hot Tub from being dirty by blocking the dirt out from the water. Also, it helps you save electricity cost by maintaining the heat of your water inside. Lastly, it helps you safeguard your children or pets from getting into the tub and drowning.

These Hot Tub Covers are a lot of help especially for frequent Hot Tub users. However, covers are heavy and can weigh up to 30 pounds making it hard for its owner to move it around. At times, these covers might be able to absorb water and get a lot more heavily causing hot tub owners to just fold the cover in half.
This poses trouble for users. First, there is a possibility that the cover that is half opened will close. Another is that a lot if dirt can actually enter the Hot Tub defeating the purpose of having a Hot Tub cover. With this in mind, there is no doubt that a Hot Tub Cover lifter is needed for those who have a Hot Tub cover.
A Hot Tub Cover Lifter is actually good for you if you have a Hot Tub Cover. First, a Hot Tub cover lifter ensures that you will avoid any physical injuries. That caused by lifting the cover by yourself. As established above, a Hot Tub Cover will weigh 20 pounds but can actually weigh a lot more when it absorbs water. Therefore, it is safe for you to attach a lifter into the cover to support the main weight of it. And avoid causing injury to your arms or back.

Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover

A Hot Tub Cover Lifter with support arms is great for lifting the cover when you use the Hot Tub frequently. As it is the most economical lifting device and are simply made up a pair of wood or metal support arms mounted on one side of the tub just under the lid. To avoid the lifter bothering the tub user, the arms can actually be folded flat against the side of the spa when it is not in use.
Another reason for you to get a Hot Tub cover lifter is for you to save time in unfolding or removing the tub cover. Not only does it require your strength when you remove it, it also requires your time while you remove it. It is time consuming and for most parts, you won’t get to enjoy much of your Hot Tub time because most of it was spent in removing the cover.
A good lifter for this is the rear or side mounted ones. It will save you time as it will help you slide off the tub cover. Like the support arms do but dues to its J-shaped supports the cover will be stored upright making it easier for you to return it afterwards. These cover lifts offers gas spring assistance to its users helping you to lift your tub burdens.