Awesome Hot Tips for your Hot Tub Repair and Maintenance

As a hot tub owner, you know that in order to keep your hot tub works last you need to learn how to maintain it, and you should be prepare how it works and will cost you at the end.

It is not all about relaxing, unwinding, relieving from the stress of your works and whatever else you decide to do in your own hot tub. You need to maintain it! That means, you’ll do the cleaning, testing, adding some chemicals that will treat your water, and making sure that it’s safe for everyone who will use it.

Caring for a hot tub or spa is just similar with the maintenance that will goes to your swimming pool. The main difference from the swimming pools to your portable hot tubs and spas is that the heated water in a hot tub or spa can lead to any growth of bacteria that will harm your health if it is not properly cleaned and cared.

You have choices on how to maintain and clean your hot tub and spa. You can do it by yourself or you can ask for a professional worker to do it for yourself. Thus, working with an experienced service provider for the hot tubs means you can assured that your hot tub water and equipment will be in good state, the water is clean and safe for everyone.

Do It Yourself Hot Tubs

It brings you dedicated to do it by yourself for your own relaxation spa. Here are the tips that will surely help you when in times you don’t want to ask for your service provider.

  • Using Panty Hose on the Hot Tub Refills. when you are draining and refilling the water to maintain the water balance, and wanted to prevent the circulating debris from the water getting back into the filter system, you can use panty hose.
  • Tennis Balls for the Skimmer. To attract any body oils, hair products, lotions, and etc. from entering the filtration system, you can put the tennis balls into the skimmers of the hot tub.
  • Using the bleach for your hot tub cover. This will prevent the cover from getting the musty smell.
  • Use a Hose Filter. By attaching the hose filter directly to the end of the hose will filter the water.
  • Do not use household chemicals when cleaning your hot tub. You should be using the cleaning chemical that is specifically for your hot tubs. Be sure that you rinse it well to avoid some contacts. Too much cutting your budget is not always that better.
  • You can take advantage of off-peak heating. By taking advantage of this, you can reduce your energy consumption or heating bills.
  • You can do the cleaning of your spa filters in your dishwasher. This is the great way to keep your hot tub filter cartridge clean as it runs through your dishwasher. This will help the removing of the grease and the gunk out of your filter without too much effort.
  • Clean the jets using vinegar. White vinegar is the best choice in cleaning the valves and the jets.
  • Cover your hot tub when you are not using it. This will prevent your water to have a contact to a greater number of bacteria.

Hot Tub Repair service in Your Own Service Provider!

The heated water that is coming from your tub is an ideal place for the bacteria to multiply. Your hot tub service provider will do the chemical balancing and hot tub structure cleaning for the cleaning of the water and treating it.

When it comes to the types of drain safety cover, these will prevent any loose long hair that can be found to the water. Your service provider will adjust the drains to make it safer.

You can also ask your hot tub contractor how often your hot tub or spa needs to maintained and cleaned, and it will play on the size of your hot tub.