Hot Tubs Dos and Don’ts

A Hot Tub is a small pool or spa with heated water good enough to accommodate 2-6 persons inside. It is usually portable and lightweight so that it can be transferred easily. It is mainly used for water therapy and for relaxing and recreation. As busy as our lives can be in purchasing hot tubs we must consider some Important Points.

Materials Used

Best in the market are the Portable and Insulated Outdoor tubs, which are made of light weight, super-strong PVC frame, they are Rott-proof. Frames are insulated and padded for safety purposes of the buyers. Like the Portable Soft Sided Hot Tub, Therapy spa by Splash pools. Available at, garnered a lot of stars in the product review. If you are in for a good investment, try this one.

Rejuvenate yourself with this tub from Mediterranean, the A-O83302 Geneva Hydrotherapy Jet Lounger this one has 7 seats barrier free, made up of synthetic cabinet with Microban Antibacterial Acrylic Shell.. This is so easy to install and operate. Good enough for relaxation or a family get together.

Credibility of the Manufacturer

Look for Manufacturers with good reputation, before purchasing you must be able to read product reviews made by satisfied buyers. There you can see the pros and cons of the product you wanted to buy especially if planning to purchase online.

Size of Hot Tub Covers

Covers are used to keep away dirt, insects and other pollutants from falling into the tub. They are usually made of high grade marine vinyl. it should fit like a Glove; they are usually custom made by the manufacturer for the specific product. Tub covers   envelop the tub sealing the warmth of the water. The shorter the cover it  then allows dirt, debris to enter. When the cover is larger than the tub, it cannot seal in the correct temperature of the water that you want.

Hot Tub Covers are also one way to prevent drowning of small children, and falling of small animals into the water. We have read the review about the 6inch Thick hot tub cover; this one has the most number of stars. This is excellent for maximum insulation, product is from Beyond and Nice. It is an eco-friendly model and an energy saver as well.

Another breakthrough from Hot Tub Cover is from QCA Spas- The 61600HLHD Hot Tub Cover for Capricorn/ Scorpios/Taurus/Pegasus Hot Tubs. These babies are made of marine grade vinyl top with high density polystyrene foam core.  Treated with a stabilizer to help prevent loss of color from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Types of Hot Tub Covers

There are 4 types of tub covers the commonly used is:

a.) The Solar Cover, this kind only keeps the water hot and clean, super eco-friendly and keeps energy bill at bay.

b.) The Seasonal Cover, this type usually covers the whole tub not only the top. This is usually used during winter. It preserves the life of the tub because it takes the load of the snow and this controls the freezing and thawing off the hot tub.

c.) Double Hinge Cover-This type is a hard shell cover is great for outdoor type of tub they are heavy and is attached by a hinge in the middle which allows ease of access to both or either side without removing the cover completely. Somehow hard to maneuver, but , this provides the utmost protection.

d.) Lastly The Soft Rolling Cover-this is commonly used in indoor type of hot tubs; they are made of Thin Foam and vinyl.  Easy and convenient to use.

All hard Covers should pass a strict Cold Test, Ultraviolet Test with about 1500 solid of resistance, and a Density of 25% Marine Grade Vinyl, this is to insure that it can withstand effects of the Sun, Moisture and cold.

Another Important Pointer is the cost of both the Hot Tub and the Cover, we often ask why is it so expensive???

Costing has Factors:

The Brand of the Product – As I said earlier, good manufacturers   have reputation to keep. It has been in their legacy to keep up with that  kind of  reputation. They have specification as to the measurements of the materials they use. It is the buyers option whether they will still purchase that top of the line product. Plus the kind of brand tells the consumer if that certain product is of Good Quality or not.
Features of the Tub – Remember there are lots of competition.  Companies will try to keep up with something to ensure that their product will be on the top. So they create some unique feature in the product.
Capacity of the Tub – If you want a smaller tub that can only fit 2 persons so that will be a lot lesser than of that 8-seater tub. Others use state of the art technologies or their product. Rather than those features are simple.
Maintenance – In having a hot tub, maintenance is always overseen guess. Maybe because of over excitement of the purchase. In maintaining a Hot Water Tub is as easy as 1-2-3. Usually the tubs are exposed to harsh elements, just use a vinyl protector on the top cover. Then when cleaning the underside of the tub just use the garden hose. If not familiar with chemicals never administer.


A Hot tub is somehow a need to some of us, especially in those   cold stricken places all around the globe. I tell you before making a decision in making purchases online, shopper must really look into consideration the pointers and the product reviews given.. We need to look for a product that can both deliver high quality services, and with valid warranty, can serve both for the pleasure as well as in the therapeutic aspect of the device purchased. To some it is already a big investment in buying this kind of things.. If you are on the short side of the financial capability there are products online that can also serve their purpose those products that are on sale.