How to Maintain Your Spa or Hot Tub Properly

They say, when you take good care of something, it is going to last. These words are true to everything that you are going to own, it is also true when it comes to your hot tubs or spas. Your hot tub is very effective in taking away every single tiredness of your body, and it needs to be taken good care of for it to do its job for you very well and for a very long time. But how can you take care of your hot tub? Are you really doing it right?

Maintaining a hot tub seems like a very hard task, especially when you have never owned a hot tub on your own before. But maintaining a hot tub is a simple task to do. All you are going to need is a few minutes in one week. And because of those few minutes, you can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub for many years. You don’t clean it on the outside; you also need to clean the interior of the tub and its water chemistry as well. Maintaining a hot tub may differ based on the type or the brand of your tub. But here are some of the basic cleaning methods that you can use.

The Hot Tub Cover

The cover of your hot tub is the one that is exposed to the elements of the outside world. The spa cover is the one facing the sun, shielding the tub from rain or snow. And it is the one where leaves and twigs fall down, that is why it is also very important that the spa cover is protected. One of the things that you can use to extend its years of use and its functionality is with the use of a vinyl protector. A vinyl cleaner should also be the one you should use when cleaning the hot tub cover. And it should only be used on the cover alone, do not let any of it get into the interior of the hot tub or into the water. You can use a simple garden hose when cleaning the underside part of the cover. Then let the tub air dry when you’re already done cleaning it.

For the Hot Tub Shell

There are a lot of hot tub shells which use acrylic, and acrylic shells. Make a non-porous surface which means that it can prevent germs from sticking on to the surface of the hot tub. That is why, hot tub with an acrylic shell are the simplest and the easiest to clean. But when you’re hot tub is placed on the outdoor, you can’t help it, the shell could get dusty. Now all you have to do when this happens is to get a damp cloth and then wipe the hot tub shell to keep it looking good as new.

Water Purification

When it comes to this. Various hot tub owners use different kinds of products to keep the water clean as possible. If you follow the water care basics of your hot tub. Then water chemistry in it can be well maintained too with only little effort. When purchasing a hot tub, make sure to ask your hot tub dealer. You need to know the proper formula and the right configuration for it. Cleaning the tub filter is also very important.