Ideal Hot Tub Temperature

There is really no right or wrong hot tub temperature; it actually depends on your very own preference. The National Spa and Pool institute considers 104° Fahrenheit to be the maximum water temperature that is safe for adults, this is why spa controls have a limit that prevents users to a temperature past 104° Fahrenheit while according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the best water temperature for a hot tub is actually between 100 to 102° Fahrenheit.

But it is okay if you get more benefits from a hot tub temperature that is a bit or a lot lower than that. If you are a new hot tub owner, it would actually be better if you get to test out different levels of water temperature. Why? Because it is more on finding the “right” temperature that would give you the best experience.
Once you have found the ideal hot tub temperature for you. You will be able to unlock the full healing and relaxing power potential of the hot water on your tub. To treat whatever pain, aches or other problems that you might be having. From muscle pains, over fatigue to insomnia.
When testing the water temperatures, you might want to invite other people to test along with you. When you already found the right temperature that all you can agree on, you can keep it within that range. Because when you increase or lower the heat, that can increase your operational cost and add wear on hot tub.

Maintaining a Set Temperature on a Hot Tub

All hot tub users and owner want their tub to be as energy efficient as possible. Which is why like I have already mentioned, lowering the tub temperature after use and increasing right before you take a dip on it is not recommended. Doing so will not only cause more damage a wear and tear on the heater element of the tub. This will also cause an unnecessary stress on the circuit board of the spa and would cost you more money.
Unless you are not going to be able to use your tub for a long period of time. Or if you are going away for some time, turning down the tub will help you save little or no energy at all. It would actually be a lot better if you keep a set temperature on your spa. If your spa cover is in a good condition, it will have no problem maintaining the tub heat at a low expense.