Inflatable Hot Tubs, which of which is the Best?

Inflatable tubs are far more favorable to use than those of built in hot tubs or Jacuzzi. These Inflatable spas are not only portable, also they are so easy to store. I’ve searched for the most purchased inflatable hot spa in the market.  In I have found out that there are 3 best products under the category.

The first one is the Intex Purespa Bubble Therapy, this Inflatable hot tub/ Inflatable Spa is so east to set up, as fast as 20 minutes you are good to go. If it inflates easily, it’s the same way when it deflates. Made up of durable materials as often used by Intex.

So far it really soothes tired and aching muscles,This inflatable spa/ hot tub is uber gentle on skin thanks for it’s  built-in hard water treatment, Spa water is refreshing.. For its bubble jet facility you and your friends can enjoy simple water exercises. There is just one tiny glitch about this inflatable hot tub, the heater is under powered, meaning you have to re-heat your water from time to time. Priced at $395.00, not that bad.

This inflatable Spa wonder comes with insulated cover and lock to ensure that  heat loss is only to a minimal level.

The  Lay-Z Miami

The second Inflatable Hot tub/ Inflatable Spa wonder is from Best ways The  Lay-Z Miami this wonder is so easy to set up no installation or specific materials needed. This inflatable Hot tub can be used either outdoors or indoors. It can accommodate up to  4 adults. Due to its revolutionary water heating system, heating is a breeze. it has digital control panels, which allows you to turn up the heat up or adjust water temperature the way you wanted without leaving your hot tub.

The Lay-Z Miami hot tub is made up of 3 ply materials, a polyester mesh core and it is encased and layered with a laminated PVC for super strength and durability. This inflatable tub does not bend or buck due to its unique I- beam construction system. It is also punctured resistant. Priced at $407.30 it is good to go. Just be sure to buy a seat for your inflatable Spa.

The third is the Coleman lay-Z Spa-Inflatable Hot Tub/ Inflatable Spa .This also does not require installation. Fully Portable can be set up in minutes, can also be used indoors or outdoors.  Outer walls of the inflatable hot tub is Made up of fabric-coated material. And Hot tub cover is aluminum foil coated to ensure water insulation.

Keeping water warm or in heat, thus this inflatable tub cuts your electric bill. Also installed with bubble jets to aid in relaxation and in soothing tired and aching muscles.

Coleman Lay-Z

Good thing about the Coleman Lay-Z is that it does not over inflate or burst. So durable and sturdy. The Digital control panel allows you to heat the water up or adjust it the way you wanted without going out of the tub. For a $449.00 value, it will go a long time.

If you’ll ask me I will go for the Coleman Hot Tub. Why? Because it is best for the budget, it’s has the compact, durability, and the state of the art technology that the budgeted buyers would want. This Inflatable tub/ Inflatable spa can also serve as a therapeutic Tub, you can do simple water aerobics, and a little hydrotherapy. It comes with  own cover to ensure safety of the product and for the users. Good value for your money.

Also you don’t need a stool for getting in and out of the tub, another safety feature of Coleman Products to kids using the lay-z Miami. Children, and Moms and Dads can both enjoy a day of relaxation and also recreation or just having a lay low day with this super durable, super strong, kid friendly Inflatable hot tub/ inflatable spa in the comforts of your own backyard.