Jacuzzi, Anyone?

A Jacuzzi is also called a hot tub or a Spa. I categorized them according to their retail value. The first Placer is from Strong  Spa the SS14120300 G-2 Jet Spa, This outdoor Jacuzzi is an indestructible resin cased cabinet, can accommodate up to 6 adult, this outdoor Jacuzzi  is equipped with a powerful 28 hydrotherapy jets, including the full- body lounger and the captain’s chair.

Perfect to target all those aching body parts, this outdoor spa/ Jacuzzi is a super easy plug and play type. Voltage of 120v can be changed or converted to 240v.

It has a rock-solid type design to withstand outdoor elements, such as wind especially during winter. Consist of an all-weather stainless steel heater. Programmable Underwater led lights specifically suited for dark or dim areas.

Originally priced at a whopping $ 3,995.00 can be yours for only $ 3,415.00, a less of 15% is not that bad for a state of the art technology. Only glitch is that the outdoor Jacuzzi is very heavy be sure to notify the delivery man were to put it exactly.

The Second Outdoor Jacuzzi in my list is from Life Smart The Rock Solid Luna Spa, This Outdoor Jacuzzi is equipped with a total of 12 jets and it has a state of the Art indestructible, rock solid casing. Priced at $2,799.99, this is comfort in style.

Outdoor Spa

This outdoor Spa does not require specific tools to install, just plug it and its good to go.
It has built- in light which is adequate when placed in a dim environment. Overall relaxation and comfort is achieved when using this outdoor wonder. Also this consumes small amount of your electric bill.
However  a little glitch, the heater cannot keep up when very cold.
The third Outdoor wonder under this category is from Spa-N-a box, the 6ft Portable Heaven. This little outdoor Jacuzzi is an outdoor hit, only at $1,002.99, is really heaven in a box.
Outdoor Spa can accommodate 4-5 adults, hanky-panky no fuss set up. Requires no special wires and plumbing needed Easy as a breeze. Also as a free barrier type of Jacuzzi you can cuddle up with your loved ones while enjoying. And relaxing, gentle bubbles exchange the jets so it is much gentle on the skin.
This Jacuzzi is very reasonable for your money, and in  maintenance also a breeze. Just check and change  the water and the water filter every 3 months , and thus enjoy another relaxing moment with your spa in a box.
For electricity usage you will not notice a thing increased in your electricity bill when using this outdoor Jacuzzi. One thing though buy a cover, the water tends to get cold if the spa in a box in uncovered.