Jacuzzi Tub!

Jacuzzi is the official worldwide manufacturer of hot tubs, bathtubs, walk in bath tubs and etc.

They have different kinds and varieties that will surely fit your tastes and lifestyle in luxurious way in your very own bathroom.

Outdoor Jacuzzi Bath Tub

Though compact and intimate, the 3-person hot tub delivers powerful jets and ultimate hydrotherapy for the utmost relaxation. These 3-person hot tubs are large enough for an intimate social gathering, yet small enough for a solo soak.


This is the perfect size for your home spa. Whether you are entering retirement or just starting to build your own family, this is the perfect addition to your backyard with room for two or three adults.

It is compact enough to fit into tight spaces on your very own backyard. But certainly, it doesn’t lack power. It features premium PowerPro Jets with five RX Jets that will deliver a very stress reliever massage.


It provides you a private, intimate setting with enough room for two to three adults that will comfortably give you relaxation.

It also offers you a very high-performance hydrotherapy with mighty PowerPro Jets, including eight FX Jet stand two lounge seats to soothe and massage your sore muscles.

Feel your stress and tension melt away because of its colorful illuminated footwell and pillows and the feel of the cascading waterfall on your neck and shoulders.

Jacuzzi Tub for 4 persons

Experience the dual luxury of space and intimacy with the four-person hot tub as they offer enough space for your mini party without compromising a cozy setting.


This is the hot tub that has energy-efficient lounge seater. This is roomy enough for five to six adults that feature clean, modern lines.

It also boasts powerful PowerPro water jets that deliver a full-body hydro massage, including the four powerful RX Jets and a therapy lounge seat. It has filtered LED perimeter lighting, underwater light and a therapeutic, illuminated waterfall.


This is a standout among outdoor hot tubs. It provides you space and a full massage for four to five adults at once. This hot tub commits you with the best hydro massage.

ProAir Lounge Seat and Premium PowerPro Jets included. The quick reference status indicator light will let you know your hot tub is ready for you to invite your friends over for a luxury soak or relish in the colorful backlit dual waterfalls, pillows and cup holders all the on your own.


This is the ideal centerpiece for family and friends gatherings, it delivers luxurious best-in-class hydro massage features with premium PowerPro Jets, including two robust RX jets.

Jacuzzi for sale – for 5 to 6 persons

Big numbers such as five persons will be the life of your party. These category gives you spacious hot tubs that offers plenty of room to comfortably indulge in the stress-melting massage options and the tension-reducing Jacuzzi jets.


It combines comfort and modern style or six to seven adults while saving on energy costs. Expect top of the line PowerPro Jets, included four bold RX Jets. That will comfortable seats you relaxing, restore and rejuvenate your mind and body..
It will pamper your senses as well with LED lighting on the perimeter, underwater and in the back and neck waterfall.