Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa With 12 Jets Review

The Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa comes with the same features and standard parts that are similar to other branded hot tubs available. It has adjustable jets, topside controls, and a top loading filter but most importantly, it comes with a very indestructible RockSolid Shell. This can run on an 110v and it doesn’t require any expensive installation. You can just simply set it up, fill it up with water and just plug it in.

Lifesmart uses top of the line Eco Smart technology which makes the tub energy efficient. The insulation system makes it possible for the tub to require only less energy but still provide a great performance along with the energy-saving spa cover that will surely save you money when you operate the tub.

You shouldn’t be worry too much about owning this tub because it follows the strict implementation for California Energy Mandate for hot tubs and spas. It is also packed with 4 deep bucket seats that are complete with a waterfall, rotating backs jets and top-side comfort valves which will surely provide you with the best mix of air and water for that one of a kind massage. In addition, you can experience additional benefits with it if you use it as a saltwater hot tub.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions – 61 x 70 x 32 inches
  • Weight – 269 lbs


  • Rock solid simplicity plug and play spa with 12 jets
  • Construction material: Eco thermo plastic
  • 4 person capacity
  • 110 volt plug and play
  • 12 high therapy jets
  • Discovery collection
  • Sandstone Rocksolid shell that comes with matching sandstone surround
  • Deluxe Balboa digital control
  • Full foam energy-saving insulation
  • 12v light with red and blue lens caps
  • Deluxe locking energy saving cover
  • Comfort dials allow for that great air and water mix
  • Waterfall feature
  • 5 hp pump

Customer Review:

sooo easy to set up! i bought all the chemicals you need from my local spa store and everything is good so far. It looks great in the yard I am so proud of it!!! the lights are spectacular, the jets work amazing. truly a wonderful purchase. I recommend it highly for anyone. Its small in comparison to the others they sell, but you get what you pay for. definitely worth every KERRY from

What Are the Benefits of Saltwater Hot Tubs?

Since it was mentioned that saltwater can provide additional health benefits when you use it with this bathtub then perhaps it’s time to talk about that then. Salt water hot tubs are considered a great form of heat therapy but the beneficial characteristics that the salt water provides makes this one even more unique.

  • Natural Water Sanitation – If you own a saltwater hot tub then it can provide some naturally sanitizing effects which can’t be normally found in fresh water. The sanitizing effect of the salt will only require less chlorine to disinfect your tub compared to what you use with fresh water. If you use less chlorine then that means you will barely feel irritation on your skin and eyes the next time you use your hot tub. Also, since salt water contains fewer chemicals then it will surely emit a more natural scent.
  • Reduce Swelling – According to the Natural Strength and Conditioning Association, the combination of salt water and heat can be an effective means to treating edema and swelling. The reason for this is that hot water will open the pores while the salt water will draw the fluid out from your skin. Also, when you take a dip on a saltwater hot tub after overexertion and exercise then it will surely reduce the pain swelling.

So if you plan on buying a hot tub that will be beneficial for the entire family then the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa Hot Tub is a great choice. Just use some salt water for it and you can guarantee that you will acquire that healthier skin.