Guide in Measuring Your Spa Cover

The cover is a very important part of the spa, it does not only keep your hot tub clean but it also protects it from a lot of external factors to keep it in the best condition. This is why your hot tub needs a spa cover, if it is not a part of the package when you purchased the spa, and then you can just have one made for you. But you have to be very careful, the spa cover needs to have the right measurement for it to fit snugly and to cover every part, every side and all of the edges of the hot tub. But you do not need to have a professional to do the measuring for you; you can do that all by yourself with the help of this guide.

Measuring Your Hot Tub

No matter what the shape of your spa is, square, rectangular, round or octagon, you have to take measurements from the tub’s lip to lip, or you have to measure the outside dimensions of the spa. After taking the lip to lip measurement, add up 1 inch on both the length and the width to give you half an inch of play around your hot tub cover. If you have an old hot tub cover, then you can use that, too. You measure across the cover seam.

Measuring the Skirt

The flap that hangs from the bottom of the spa cover is the skirt, although the skirt is actually for an aesthetic effect, it might still cause some problems when not measured . If the cover is too long, it is going to bunch and push the spa cover up. If you have a wood rail, you have to measure from the top of the wood rail up to the top of your acrylic spa. If what you have is not wood rail, you have to measure from the top of the spa to the bottom of the lip of the spa and then add half inch to the measurement. You would want the skirt to be a little short rather than make it long so it does not bunch.


The easiest way to measure the radius is by using the carpenter square. If your tub is square, measure from the bend up to that imaginary point in the square. The rule here is smaller is safer than larger, which means the smaller the radius, the more square the corner of your hot tub cover is.