On The Lookout for the Best Pool Safety Covers That Can be Walked On? Here are 6 Of Them

When your in-ground pool is not in service, you want to cut on heating costs by retaining as much heat as possible. That’s the primary task of pool safety covers, together with protecting the pool from outside debris and contaminants.

But as sturdy as pool covers may appear, not all of them can be consistently walked on. In other words, not all can take a lot of weight. When not given enough attention and caution, your guests and family members (especially kids and pets) may accidentally trip on a relatively weak pool cover you placed.

Look for the weight-enduring feature in the item’s description

This is a must. No brand will ever give you something that’s not mentioned in their description.

If you’re specifically looking for a pool cover that can be walked on, don’t just settle for something described as ‘durable.’ All pool covers are advertised that way for salability.

Go for something that has ‘break strength’ or ‘standing weight resistant’ tag on them.

Walk-on pool covers have two varieties: hard and mesh. Mesh are stitched covers that has been refined through time, so that it surpasses its previous models. Hard walk-on covers typically have greater break strength than mesh, but the latter can still endure thousands of pounds.

However, if you want to stretch the life of your mesh cover, it’s advised to shy away from stepping on it on purpose.

Below are various, high quality hard and mesh walk-on pool covers for your choosing.


#1: 18 x 36 + 8’ Center End Steps Pool Safety Cover (Green) By Yard Guard

Let’s start off with a mesh cover that’s triple-stitched on all pressure points for optimal wear and tear protection.

This superior mesh cover is fortified with brass screws, brass plugs, and spring buckles to bear standing weight. Needless to say, every layer has rub strips that shield the pool’s surface.

With up-to-date cutting and shaping technology, this product doesn’t just guarantee your pool with optimal protection but provides the best fit too.

And did I mention that the mesh is immune to rotting, fungus build-up, UV, and damage from the pool’s water current?

The fact that this product beautifully coordinates with your tiling is just a mere bonus.


#2: 16’ x 32’ Blue Mesh Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover by GLI Pool Products

This pool cover is applauded for its make. Thanks to its 4,000 LB Burst Strength Polypropolene Webbing, your entire family can sit on it without breaking a sweat. It also allows melting snow to penetrate and be drained. Also, this cover is fortified with increased weave count to be strong enough in handling various standing weights.

Meanwhile, optimal shading is also present because of such added knits.

Easy installation is another advantage of this pool cover. Without the need for rods, it can be removed and put over in minutes. Item includes rust-free anchors, stainless steel springs, tightening bars, storage bag, and an allan key.

This cover is also specifically designed to endure the most severe climates in the United States.

Best thing about it? A 12-year warranty that highly speaks of the manufacturer’s dedication to quality.


#3: Splash Net Express’ Arctic Armor Mesh Rectangular Safety Cover (16’ x 32’ for In-Ground Pools)

At just 54 pounds, this mesh cover boasts an eye-popping break strength of 4,000 pounds. Because of its lightweight nature, removal and placement on top of your pool can be done in less than five minutes.

This ‘super-strong two-ply mesh’ is secured by brass anchors so as to not damage it when not in use. It also spares you from added headaches in spring time since it allows melted snow and rain water to seep in, but still screens leaves and other solids.

There’s no more fear of accidental drowning if you have this on your backyard in-ground pool!

Comes in oceanic blue color and a 12-year warranty period, just in case you aren’t satisfied with the 4,000 pound break strength.


#4: Loop-Loc Ultra-Loc II Solid Safety Cover With Drain Panels

There’s a great reason why Loop-Loc has garnered the Underwriters Laboratories seal of approval – largely because of its commitment to push through ASTM standards in its pursuit of providing the securest safety cover.

With one of the industry-best breaking points (4,200 pounds), it really exceeded expectation because it’s 33% lighter compared to the usual vinyl materials.

This cover also provides one of the best forms of protection against severe weather conditions (e.g., snow, high winds, rain, etc.). It doesn’t hold unnecessary weight, simply because it allows rain water and melted snow to pass through the cover.

And with 100% recyclable material and 0% vinyl, Loop-Loc surely lives up to its social and environmental responsibility.

Comes with a 15-year, pro-rated warranty too which is considered the best form of warranty nowadays.

Self-installation versus hiring an expert

Loop-Loc is a hard cover which includes complex installation parts. You wouldn’t want to ruin the effectivity of it by trying to force the installation issue. If installed incorrectly, it can backfire on your children and guests.

Consider hiring an installation expert as a worthwhile investment.


#5: 20’ x 40’ Rectangle Safety Pool Cover By Meyco  

Weighing merely 68 pounds, this pool cover possesses super-strong, two-ply Meycolite mesh which is one of the best in the market in terms of break strength technology. This can resist up to 4,000 lbs of standing weight.

And it doesn’t only resist rotting, sunlight, and mildew, but also possible dents from chlorine exposure.

Wonder what’s holding the cover though?

It’s none other than Meyco’s patented spring-loaded brass Pop-Up anchoring system. Such comes with stainless steel springs and buckles which further solidify its hold of the cover.

This is where you’ll sweat a little bit: you need to puncture a ¾-inch drill bit by using a rotary hammer drill.

REMEMBER: This Meyco pool cover is intended to be used on a pool that’s absolutely rectangular and having no irremovable obstructions (ladders, handrails, slides, etc.).

Check additional requirements on Amazon. Failure to comply with such will likely nullify the cover’s warranty.


#6: 20’ x 40’ Green Pool Safety Cover By Water Warden

Water Warden is positioned at the middle in terms of pricing, but definitely in the higher order in terms of quality and functionality.

At just 67 pounds, storage and removal of the cover is very easy. This allows installation in under five minutes. Anchors don’t restrict pool use because it is flushed.

But what’s really admirable with this cover is its safety system. It is triple-stitched and double strapped all around the corners to function as second security layers.

It also provides 100% UV block which thwart algae growth. This safety cover has abided with ASTM Standard F 1346-91 as testament to Water Warden’s vow to quality dedication.

Did I mention that its D-Ring Springs inclusion eradicate the need for traditional buckles? Another reason to purchase this quality cover.

On The Lookout for the Best Pool Safety Covers That Can be Walked On

The abovementioned walk-on pool covers are just some of the many quality covers you can find in the market. If you are meticulous enough in searching, you can purchase and strike better deals without having to sacrifice safety and protection.

Always be on the lookout for written reviews so as to assure that the product description and claims align with its reality. Rampant negative reviews could be a clear red flag to not buy.

Whatever your chosen brand of walk-on pool safety cover is, always bear in mind the following:

  • Never encourage family members or guests to jump on it for the sake of TRYING.
  • Don’t undermine consistent, minor squeaking sounds as it can be a broken gear sign.
  • After a heavy downpour of rain or snow, be on the lookout for solid debris that may be hindering your pool cover’s functionality.
  • At least semi-annually, have your safety pool cover checked by a professional installer/ maintenance personnel.
  • Always keep track of the cover’s receipts and documentations in case of a warranty claim. Physical loss of it can mean absolute forfeiture of your right.

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