Planning Your Pool Party? Never Miss These 10 Adult Pool Toys and Floats

Plunging on your backyard pool and smelling that savory aroma of grilled barbecue cooking aren’t the only things to look forward on your weekend celebration with friends.

There’s a great chance that at least one of your friends or guests can’t swim. Hence, the need for pool floats and toys! These don’t only make time worthwhile for them, but pool toys and floats, in general, make your overall bonding experience zestier.

With pool toys & floats, your buddies and relatives who may be dubious about bringing their kids along will surely make up their minds.

In this current world dominated by smart phones and technology, it’s nice to feel – and play – like kids every once in a while.

Below are 10 eye-catching and genuinely fun Adult Pool Toys and Floats to play with.

#1: Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge By Intex

Intex Canopy Island Inflatable

Looking to relax in a mini shelter as the pool waves slowly drag you to the sides? If so, then this 78” x 59” inflatable island lounge is the thing for you and your guests.

This item possesses a fabric sun shade that can be detached. Such helps you in getting the optimal amount of sun graze in the summer.

It also comes with 2 built-in cup holders and 2 air chambers for utmost security. It’s made with premium Eastern materials which ensure you of a calming and rejuvenating rest!

Dual purpose: You can choose to lie alone in it or cuddle with at least 4 regular-sized adults

NOTE: Air pump isn’t included yet. Intex manufactures and sells separately their Quick-Fill AC Electric Pump for #13.99

#2: Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float Pool Toy For Outdoor Swimming – Raft Lounger By Nifty

Tall, pensive, and majestic – that’s what a unicorn is known for.

What’s a better way to inject some magic (and playfulness) to your pool party than putting this giant, 8 feet long creature into the mix?

Its manufacturer, Nifty, did a great job in making this pool float an aesthetically (and structurally) beautiful one. Its lively color combinations and details will make anyone want to take a water ride through it.

Another good thing about this float ride is that it boasts a quick inflate/deflate valve, so you can get rid of manually inflating it through your lungs.

Lastly, it isn’t all about beauty, as it’s made from non-poisonous, yet very sturdy materials. As an adult with a child heart, this item will fulfill all your horseplay fantasies without a single dose of worrying.

Now that’s a fun way to get tanned! Make sure to not inflate it on bathtubs though.

#3: Poolside Rock Climbing Wall


If you have spare money, you can take the fun a few feet higher by having a rock climbing wall installed in your poolside.

With no harness required (thanks to the water’s buoyant force), you can safely challenge your pals to this game. Just the mere idea of reaching the summit and diving right back into the pool is indeed refreshing.

Gentle reminder: Even the slightest of slips or falls from your poolside wall can immediately spoil the fun and deter others from trying. That’s the reason you have to hire an expert installer and hear a few advices from pool safety experts.

#4: Spring Float Recliner XL Pool Lounger By Swim Ways

Spring Float Recliner XL Pool Lounger By Swim Ways

Let’s introduce you to the “only fabric-covered pool float” which possesses patented inward springs to give optimal stability and comfort.

The product is available in innumerable styles and colors to suit varying groups (e.g. kids, adults, teenagers, and even pets).

Having a hard time folding and transporting your previous pool floats? Spring Float provides ultimate portability by being folded into 3 compact rings.

Wondering if it can hold up your big-sized pal? Spring Floats supports up to 300 pounds of weight, with its back and head rest guarantee you of restful upright position.

Finally, its mesh and fabric is just so good that you can forget city problems for a while.

#5: Play Platoon’s H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table Float (Floating Pool Party Game Raft and Lounge With 5 Ping Pong Balls)

 Play Platoon’s H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table Float

No party is ever complete without a classic beer pong session. The good news is that with this party float, you can even enjoy it with some splashes!

Play Platoon, H2PONG’s manufacturer, understood that this plastic beer pong pool raft is subject to tears and scratches from excited participants. That’s the reason why they utilized ‘super thick, extra durable plastic’ to make it resistant from such occurrences.

Capacity: Up to 28 cups. 10 each on opposing player ends, while 4 each along both sides to serve as drink holders.

#6: Bestway’s CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable 4-Person Island Tube

Bestway’s CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable 4-Person Island Tube

If you have a strong squad of four, you can enjoy small talks while enjoying your pool’s alluring waters with this inflatable group float.

With coil beam that’s erected securely, you and your mates can enjoy circling around the waters with the littlest of worry. On top of that, 2 air chambers are also placed on opposing sides.

Built-in cup handles and cooler are also present in this item. The mesh in its bottom allows water to be splashed on your skins while remaining secure.

What about going duo or solo?

CoolerZ Rapid Rider and its X2 counterpart gives you the option to go solo or duo, respectively. Each possess the same quality similar to the X4 one.

#7: Swim Ways’ Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy, Octopus

If you have one or two of this, then you can be sure that no one in your squad can use ‘baby duties’ as excuse to attend your pool party.

With an integral play station that’s interactive and intensive child safety features (e.g., valves, dual air chambers, etc.), your friends’ little ones can share in the pool fun too.

The first water introduction experience can be hard and troublesome for parents, but Swim Ways’ Baby Spring Float makes it more engaging with toys such as stacking rings and squeaker fish, and a cute octopus toy head that’s detachable.

Also, sunlight exposure on infants will never be an issue because it has a removable canopy that can protect up to UPF 50+.

Never worry about child safety in the water, as it has dual inflation chambers as the primary safeguard, and an inner spring that stabilizes well.

Intended child age: 9-24 months. Older toddlers may find it hard fitting in this float model.

#8: Aqua Golf Backyard Game By Blue Wave

Aqua Golf Backyard Game By Blue Wave

This floating green island will help you channel your inner Tiger Woods, as if golf on a large lawn isn’t hard enough. One review pointed out that the golf balls in this item isn’t that close to a real one, but still able to facilitate good rounds of swings and eye-hand coordination.

Package includes a floating green island that measures 32” x 45”. It includes a set of 12 practice golf balls in opposing colors for players.

2 flags and 2 cups are also included for a more realistic feel of the game. Meanwhile, the 12” x 24” chipping mat possessing rubber tee had good reception in terms of its longevity, feel, and durability.

Take note that 6x Foam Golf Clubs are sold separately for $23.49, or $3.92 each.

#9: Dive Waterproof and GoPro Mountable Case By Pro Shot for iPhone

Underwater selfies are just off the charts. It takes precious – and funny – moments of your group’s faces while soaked in the water.

Dive Waterproof is usually recommended in snorkeling, hiking, and caving activities. But it just performs and protects as well in your above-ground or in-ground backyard pool.

With 113-degree HQ wide angle lens, this waterproof case can go as low as 130 feet. The free ProShotCase App endows you full control of the camera through the volume buttons.

And with just a floating hand grip, you can mount it with ease on water boats or skis! The picture quality, whether on water or not, remains consistently beautiful as per your phone’s capabilities.

And did I mention that it just barely weighs 10.6 ounces? Definitely, a must-have for any pool party.

#10: Gigantic Donut Pool Float by BigMouth Inc

Gigantic Donut Pool Float by BigMouth Inc

For the finale, time to revert to one of the classics. Whatever your pool design or structure is, a giant-sized donut float is always a sight to behold.

At more than 4 feet wide, this item has vivid details of a sprinkled donut and has sold over millions of units. While others fade, this donut float details is designed to last – thanks to its improved printing and UV protection.

This product can come in other designs too, such as the giant mermaid tail, giant pineapple, giant flamingo, and giant cactus. But if you want to splash with something that’s delightful to the appetite, there’s no need to switch designs.

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