Cover Me: A Review on Hot Tub Covers/Jacuzzi Covers/Spa Covers

Outdoor stuff like our hot tubs, outdoor Jacuzzi and outdoor spa need to have covers, this is to minimize or stop falling debris upon entering our water and some of the covers are made of special materials that are really suited for any type of tubs. I have known that there are two types of hot tub covers and Jacuzzi covers.

Thermal Blanket

This type of hot tub covers are made of lightweight polyvinyl which in turns reduces evaporation, thus keeping our water temperature at a certain degree of hotness or it keeps heat loss to a minimal level.

These hot tub covers and Jacuzzi cover floats on the surface of the water, creating a barrier between the water and the outside forces like insects, falling debris and other stuff.

This type of Jacuzzi cover is way better than the solar blanket. A solar blanket is also like the thermal blanket, this one literally traps the sun’s rays stores in into the little pockets that looks like bubble wrap, then insulates the water inside the hot tub.

Both Jacuzzi covers reduce the use of chemicals in the tubs, resulting to much nicer and refreshing spa water. This type also is super durable and so easy to use. You can roll them when not in use, and you can cut them according to the size of the hot tubs.  2 of the most purchased Thermal and Solar blankets are as follows:

The 7ft by 7ft Thermal Blanket

This Hot tub/ Spa cover is made of light weight polyvinyl.  When used during winter you can see tiny bits of mist rising from the tub as a result of heat retention. It is a stiff kind of poly vinyl material but when in the water, greatly covers the tub.

Price for a Cute bubble type Spa cover is $21.76. Expensive for a polyvinyl but worth it.

The Solar Cell 8×8 Thermal Spa Blanket

A bubble Type spa cover, one of the popular items at amazon and ebay. This baby is great for an outdoor spa, pretty good in winter too, because it will lower down your electricity bill, as described earlier, it insulates itself, no need for a water heater. This bubbly Spa cover comes in a blue color, and amazingly priced at $39.95. It’s a good to go vinyl.

For Budget wise buyers there is also the Floating Solar Spa/ Hot tub cover only for $28.50. This is so easy to cut, super light weight and movable, best used in airy, sandy places.

Another type of Hot tub cover and Spa covers are the cap or guard covers. They are commonly used in outdoor spas and Jacuzzi. I have 2 Hot tub caps which are mostly preferred by buyers.

The Sundance Altamer Spa Cover

Priced at a $369.98 value you can never go wrong. This type of Hot tub cap is good for severe climates, offers ultimate insulation because of the high grade materials used, a UV resistant and custom made for excellent fit. It also has safety straps to prevent injury, a very good replacement for any tub cover.

Cover Mates Square Hot Tub Cover-made from classic commercial grade vinyl, also custom made for proper fitting to the hot tub.  Cover smoothly fits over the top of the tub. Easily washes with water and soap and storage are a breeze. It fits like a glove, thanks to the elastic band hemmed at the sides. A $44.99 value a great offer.

We also like the Hot Tub covers with built in lift and caddy. These babies are specially designed for cabinet types of hot tubs or spas. The cover lifts has a gas spring coil mechanism for easy hot tub/ spa cover removal.

Here are some of the products that have taken my fancy while browsing.

Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy

This spa cover is made from premium high grade powder coated aluminum, has a gas spring coiling mechanism, easily stores at the side of the tub or spa, when not in use. This Hot Tub cover is great for cabinet designed Spa/ hot tubs. Adjustable, lowers or raises the Hot tube cover when in use or not. No use to drilling into your Spa or Hot tub. On sale only $157.60 a 33% less value from $234.00

Another Hot tub cover is the D1-EZ Spa Cover lift- priced at $124.95, you can have a rust free anodized finish, excellent for cabinet type of hot tub, easy to install, also easily stores in an upright position. Also big electricity cut down, no need for hydraulics and stuff like that. A heavy duty hot tub cover, a big value for your money.

Cover Max Bottom Mount Spa, Cover Lift Removal System

This is the ultimate one for the hot tub covers, this cover eliminate the use of hydraulics, chains, and shocks what so ever. This is highly durable, simple in Black Powder-coated steel. Only one of its kind with Padded foam corner grips, helping avoid unnecessary accidents like scraping your foot to the corner.

This hot tub cover is so simple to install, reduces wear and tear of the cover. Mounted directly to the under spa with special brackets provided. In sale from an original value of $199.99 get it now for only $169.99 a 15% lesser value.

In buying Hot Tub covers, Spa replacement covers we should take into consideration some simple tips like we need to know the exact measurements of our tub before   hurrying to the shop to buy the cover. We also need to know what the model and make of our tubs. My article is simply reminding us buyers to think what we really need to know and to ensure our safety especially our children.

We also need to take into consideration if the ones frequently using the hot tubs are in what age bracket, so that we can adjust the height and depth of our tubs depending whose gonna use it.