Selecting the Right Cover

Having a Hot Tub or Spa Cover is incredibly essential for any Hot Tub owners. It also has a couple of benefits like for safety purposes, heat retention and helps you save money from electricity cost, and also helps you maintain your hot tub by keeping the dust off your tub. But before you go on your way to buy your hot tub or spa cover, keep in mind these simple tips to help you choose the right cover for your need.

Check if the Hot Tub or Spa cover comes from a good company. One of the most important things that you check in your Hot Tub or Spa cover is its American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) seal that ensures that the cover has met all the standards that were set for its use and the materials used for it is safe for you and your family’s health.

The next thing you want to check before buying your Hot Tub or Spa cover is its R Value. The R Value of a cover is the measurement of insulation the cover has or the Thermal Resistance which is also the ability of a material to resist the conduction of heat flow through a solid. The higher the R Value is, the higher the heat resistance is.

Most covers have varying grades of spa covers, which is measured with the thickness and the density of the foam. In an outdoor temperature of 25 degree Fahrenheit, 1.0 lb foam will have an R 12.6 value; 2 lb foam has R 15.0 value. In a 75 degree Fahrenheit, 1.0 lb foam has 10.8 R value and 2 lb foam has 13.2 R Value. Remember that the higher the R Value is the higher its heat resistance is.

Foam Hot Tub Cover

Another important thing to look for when buying a Hot Tub or Spa cover is its foam. Check if the foam on the cover is made up of closed cell virgin foam, this is the best foam for you Hot Tub or Spa cover. The density of foam and its thickness is important as thicker and denser thoughts are able to maintain water temperature even in a very cold weather.

These foams should be covered with vinyl to ensure that the cover will actually last long regardless of how heavy and how thick the foam cover is. Closed cell virgin foam absorbs moisture better and is able to stand any pressure.

Probably the most important thing that you should consider and remember when buying a Hot Tub or Spa cover is the actual size of your Hot Tub or Spa. The cover should absolutely fit perfectly with your hot tub or spa.

Manufacturers usually makes a cover for the Hot Tub or a Spa so make sure to check if your Tub or Spa has a cover made for them by the manufacturer. If there is nothing available, find a cover that fits your tub. A larger or bigger cover will not seal the heat of your Tub or Spa water and a smaller cover will actually let dirt in your Tub or Spa.