Sundance are the Hottest Tubs!

Considered as one of the internationally-renowned industry leaders in hot tub and spa technology, Sundance Spas are simply phenomenal and bubbling with worldwide success as the hottest tubs on the planet today!

A pioneer in the hot tub and spa industry since 1979, Sundance Spas offers its new Select Series which features an excellent line of energy-efficient and elegantly-designed hot tubs which are guaranteed to have the perfect outdoor spa experience for you. And at a lower operating cost than any other comparable model!

Its 3 top models – the 880, 780 and 680 Series – are all carrying the Sundance Spas tradition of high quality hot tub standards, in addition to their innovative features, highly superior hydrotherapy and a warranty which is simply the best in the industry.

The Best Spa & Hot Tub Features & Accessories

Its well-loved features and accessories include:

  • Amazing hot tub jets which offer a better massage experience! Sundance Spas offers hot tub jets which stimulate acupressure points, whirlpool type of vigorous massages, versatile hydrotherapies. And relaxation modes which are kept pure and warmer by their marine-grade, high-density foam hot tub covers. Using their exclusive Fluidix jet technology, what make these jets unique is they do not use any bearings which can clog or parts which wear out at all. A truly energy-efficient and cost-effective design!
  • Beautiful and contemporary colors to choose from! Their sleek, elegant and artistic cabinet and hot tub cover designs are just set to blow your mind away. Colors and shades range from deep mahogany. To refreshing autumn walnut to sleek coastal – and more.
  • Seating and lighting which are absolutely fantastic! Seating which is built and designed for comfort worth for royalty as well. As the Sundance Spas experience of dramatic lighting which totally carries out and sets the scene for you!
  • Hot tub covers which keep the water absolutely cleaner and warmer! Sundance Spas simply offers hot tub covers and spa covers. Including hot tub cover lifts and spa cover lifts, which are worth the investment! These hot tub and spa covers absolutely guarantee to keep your water cleaner and warmer. While the hot tub and spa cover lifts and lifters make it easy for you to move and store your spa’s hot tub cover. It even features spa cover lifters which permit you to tuck your hot spa cover. From behind your spa while enjoying your hydrotherapy experience!
  • A do-it-all spa control! Plus purification & Sun Smart WI-FI Cloud Control as well as the Sundance Spa Stereo options which are simply awesome!

The Best Spa & Hot Tub Reviews

These best features and accessories of Sundance Spas are well-reviewed and loved by many of the top hot tub and spa industry experts in the world.
From the Whirlpool and Pressure Point Hot Tub Jets to the fantastic color varieties. Up to the various spa cover lifts they offer, such as the CoverMate Series.
From the sleek seat and lighting designs to the do-it-all controls. Which will really guarantee a holistic outdoor spa experience you’ll truly cherish! These hot tub jet, design, hot tub covers and spa cover lift reviews just love Sundance Spas and adore them as simply the hottest tubs on the planet today.

Sundance Spas are Simply the Best!

As part of their policy to be more environmentally friendly, Sundance Spas has even started to share and provide its own tips. To those buyers who cannot afford to buy brand new hot tubs and spas. With Sundance Spas, even their used hot tubs would still be considered of relatively high quality.
Sundance Spas offers these tips in buying a used hot tub, or what one should look for in a pre-owned hot tub:
  1. As a prospective used hot tub buyer, you must see the hot tub in action. While there are many used spas and used hot tub sales out there today. You should see how the used hot tub parts or used hot tub covers work, or don’t work. Of course, used hot tub prices is a major consideration. But the performance of a used hot tub may set you to decide the investment. As a cost-effective one or just totally a waste of your money.
  2. Always look at the used cartridge filter and the used hot tub cover. Inspect these two important parts thoroughly for they could well decide on the useful life. That remains on your prospective buy.
  3. Check the thermostat and watch out for leaks. The thermostat is the chief regulator of the hot tub. And without a working unit, your prospective pre-owned hot tub would be useless. Beware of sealed parts of the tub. This mean the used tub may have had its share of the sun and outdoor fun for too long already.