Sundance Hot Tub: Made for you

You know that feeling of getting tired the whole week and you just can’t wait until you can get home and jump your way into a comfy bed. Wherein you can unplug yourself from work and looking for ways on how to have a temporary “me time” just to recharge for whatever another days and weeks have to offer you.

A really nice bath in your own hot tub might be the best way to reward yourself from that busy and draining week; to reduce stress, soothe your sore joints and muscles, and will also let you have a soundly sleep to top it all off.

Introducing you the Sundance hot tub, it has been recognized internationally and has gained more awards than any other spa companies for its high quality at a reasonable price. With their commitment of using environmental friendly equipment and practices, and with many positive reviews from dealers and customers, their hot tubs can be considered one of the best among the rest.

What Makes Sundance Hot Tub Best for You?

Having yourself one of Sundance hot tubs might be the best choice for an athlete, a busy person or just an ordinary individual looking for an effective and therapeutic way to relax themselves.

With its quality features of having highly effective spa jets that offer a wide range of massage types, functionally designed seating intended for your comfort, control panels that are easy to use and tub covers that helps reduce the time and cost spent for your tub’s maintenance.

880 Series

880 Series is considered the luxury spa because of its style and high performance. It is stylish, technology-advanced and packed with features fitted for your needs. It has hot tub jets that offer you the best hydromassage and have features of waterfalls rising from the seats and cascades over your back that gives you a soothing feeling.

780 Series

The 780 Series outdoor hot tubs offer the best therapeutic benefits and pure fun all at once. These easy to maintain outdoor hot tubs are suited for a carefree lifestyle. This is geared to consumers who want fun. Its popular features are the LED hot tub lighting and its spa stereo system.

680 Series

This hot tub series is designed to fit practically anywhere. It is very ideal for family and small sized groups. Its best features are the waterfall, molded beverage holders and its alluring LED lighting.

Select Series

This is the most energy-efficient hot tub model in the whole category. It requires only less operating cost than the rest. Its improved hydrotherapy and bold designs sets it apart from the rest. Its best features are the dusk-sensing lights and its modern designed control panel.

Great Quality Hot Tubs, Comes With Great Quality Covers

Preferably, you would place your hot tub outdoors. With that in mind, it is likely to catch or accumulate dust particles and fallen leaves.  You can’t have your own hot tub without its cover. Unless you still want to stress your way out in cleaning it from time to time and wouldn’t mind leaves also swimming right beside you.

Your hot tub cover will also help lower the cost of heating the water because it is made with materials that are high resistant with heat.

Sundance’s tub covers come in three colors, Duett, Coastal and Birchwood. It has handles inside and outside for convenient lifting and closing. They also have covers that is more lightweight and energy efficient than traditional covers.

Consider these reviews, it might make you decide that Sundance hot tub and covers are a must-have.

Not Only is it a Hot Tub but the Hottest Tub

Sundance hot tub Cameo model has been named the best tub pick and garnered the number 1 spot in’s list of “Top 10 Hot Tub Spa Picks for 2010”.

Like all of Sundance 880 series, the Cameo includes a variety of the best hot tub features and options. It offers plenty of space for comfortable seating suited for five to six adults. The Cameo also comes with a cool-down seat for easing in comfortably. It even includes a full body lounge for a total body massage with special jets specifically designed for wrists.

Optional features include LED exterior accent lighting, a stereo system with a 1GB hard drive and a docking station for your iPod. It even releases scented beads that mix through the injection jets for therapeutic aromas that evoke moods from being relaxed to energize.

There is nothing more soothing than listening to a calming music while relaxing in your favorite hot tub, and when you’re with a couple of friends, you can have your own “tub party” in no time.

The Sundance Cameo was even named a “Best Buy” according to Consumers Digest magazine in the Premium spa class. This is the third time this model was acknowledged of having an excellent quality at a worthy price.

The Cold Won’t Bother You Anymore

The one that greatly reduces heat loss from Sundance hot tubs is its full-foam insulation. High quality insulation maintains the heat generated by the best hot tub heater in the industry- a titanium coil heater that heats the water directly. This results to saving your time in waiting for your tub to heat itself.

Its cover is also very essential for retaining your hot tub’s temperature. Expecting a tub filled with solid ice might be the first thing you’ll think about when you open it during a power loss in a stormy weather. Think again, with your spa set to 104 degrees, leaving your hot tub covered can have you 3-5 days before you need to worry about your hot tub freezing.

The Sundance also offers the EcoWrap, this is an extra layer insulation option for the 880 and 780 Series hot tubs. This is very ideal in cold climates. It lessens energy costs as it helps to keep the water warm. The EcoWrap also protects the hot tub from moisture and mold formation. Not only will it give you your ideal water temperature for the chilly weather, you will also have lesser time in cleaning your hot tub.