Sundance Spas Accessories Series: Spa Cover Lifters & Accessories

If you’re looking for the perfect hot tub cover lift or spa cover lift which will fully complement your Select Series model, Sundance Spas offers a complete line of spa cover lifters and accessories which may suit your taste and your need for a better Sundance Spa hot tub experience.

First of all, the Sundance Spa cover lifters are built to make sure that you will be to use, move and store your hot tub model the easiest, simplest and quickest way possible. They are specifically designed to provide the user the most convenient kind of outdoor spa experience, which includes a line design of hot tub cover lift which could be neatly tucked behind your spa itself. Sundance Spas guarantee the most durable and efficient product line for their hot tub cover lifts no matter what kind of spa you have. Whether your hot tub is small or big, round or square, Sundance Spa cover lifts and lifters are just suited for you.

CoverMate I

This hot tub cover lifter removes the cover with absolute ease, since it only has one moving part and it has a built-in halt mechanism. Installation is perfectly quick and easy. This is a hot tub lift of the manual kind which is problem-free with only a minimum 10” clearance needed and fits all 8’ spas.

CoverMate II with Understyle Bracket

CoverMate II with U/B provides for the full perspective of tucking the hot tub cover behind the spa. This spa cover lift is built so as to minimize accidental damage during movement of the hot tub cabinet and the spa lifter. There are completely no screws and this hot tub cover lift requires only 18” clearance.

CoverMate III

CoverMate III is the spa cover lift which actually has the so-called gas shock mechanism. This system makes for opening and closing the hot tub cover very convenient. This hot tub lifter is equipped with large and aluminum mounting brackets, a full bar construction and tubing which can really and adequately give superior build for such a Sundance Spa cover lift. Plus, this hot tub lift has a system for break-proof locking which totally prevents your hot tub cover to be removed accidentally. CoverMate III, as most hot tub cover lift reviews show, is just perfect for hot tubs which are in a gazebo-type setting or for limited space.

CoverMate Freestyle

This spa cover lift is so efficient and convenient that you wouldn’t really know it’s there. It is the ideal way of handling round and curving hot tub covers, such as the Denali. And it has a smart-mount system which makes for the spa cover lifter to serve as weight balancer for the whole cabinet. It only needs 20” clearance. This hot tub cover lift has, as its name suggests, so many free-style positions you could adjust for your desire for privacy and style.

Cover Valet

The Cover Valet serves as a simple spa cover lift with a firm and solid metal bracket which has a powdered coating build for additional strength and durability.


This convenient and pleasurable spa cover lift absolutely makes having a hot tub comfortable to have and to own. Out of the other hot tub cover lifts and lifters, the CoverCaddy is the perfect outdoor companion which allows for a 42” clearance. The whole package offers a mounting system similar to the understyle.

Hot Tub Cover Secure

The most basic and the most versatile hot tub cover lift in the Sundance line, the Hot Tub Cover Secure boasts of heavy-duty straps made of sturdy nylon to be placed oover your hot tub cover. This essentially avoids inadvertent access as well as serving as the primary protective and storage gear of your Sundance hot tub and hot tub cover. It is practically available in Coastal and Mahogany shades, with three sizes available, as follows: 8”, 10” and 12”.

Hot Tub Hottest Tip!

There is a general market for pre-owned hot tubs and this is the reason why many people are asking how and what they should look for in pre-own hot tubs and spas.

Aside from used hot tub prices, of course, a potential buyer of a pre-owned hot tub must also consider the main used hot tub parts, such as the thermostat, the cartridge filter, the used hot tub cover as well as the used hot tub cover lift/lifter.

While used hot tub sales are great places for rummaging through some fantastic offers. The prospective buyer must always do some basic research in order to find the ideal used hot tub for him and his family.

Always remember that owning a hot tub or spa – whether used or brand new – is always a major decision which could last for even a lifetime.