Knowing Swim Spa’s Price: Good buy or Goodbye

Having your own swim spa is a great investment. It provides you with the best swimming exercise workout and a luxurious spa right in the comfort of your home. With that in mind, if it will help you maintain a healthy living and can give you therapeutic benefits, maybe the prices on them might make you feel unhealthy again, and you choose not to buy one instead.

Due to practicality purposes, no matter how beneficial one product is, the consumer would always consider how much money he will get from his pocket. That is always given.

Yes, it can serve as your own mini pool. Yes, it will also serve as your hot tub. Yes, it will help you with your swimming skills. Yes, it will give you therapeutic benefits. And yes, it can also be pricey.

But spending your money to something that will benefit you and your family for a longer period of time will always be a good buy.

However, swim spa prices may also vary; it usually depends on its brand, distribution, size and its additional features. So keep your hopes up, you can always buy one for yourself.

What Affects Swim Spa Prices

  • Brand

    – you’ll basically pay for the product’s popularity. You’ll pay high cost for brands that spend a lot on advertisements and celebrity endorsements.

  • Distribution

    – you may be able to pay a lesser price if you have to buy directly from manufacturers.

  • Size

    – Of course, this is just too obvious. Products prices vary from its sizes. Large and deeper swim spas cost more than smaller ones.

  • Features

    – Additional features that swim spas have to offer greatly affects its cost. The number of jets, power of the swim current, built-in sound system and many more affects the price.

Top of the line branded swim spas could range from $30,000 to $40,000 or more. Some value brands can even sell swim spas at about $15,000 to $18,000.

With that being said, here are some reviews that can help you choose what would be the best swim spas that have high quality features and benefits that would also be at a reasonable price.

spasCal Spas Swim Spas

Cal Spas sells it swim spas from $15,000 to $19,000 depending on the product and additional features. Each unit comes with their own jet stream propulsion system to help keep the swimmer positioned in the stream. This unique system has been particularly designed to benefit a wide range of swim spa users to cope up with their speed and ability; from beginners, experienced swimmers, down to seasoned athletes.

spas infinite

Endless Pool Swim Spas

With swim spa prices that start from $15,000, this all-in-one pool combined with a luxury spa might be the right one for you and your family. This beautifully sculpted spa combined with hydrotherapy jet seats, underwater treadmill, and adjustable swim currents will basically cope up with your swimming exercises, much needed relaxation and unlimited fun.

Endless Pool Swim Spas can fit almost anywhere. With that being said, you can have the best of both having a luxury spa and fully-adjustable swim speed current at any given day at your most favorable spot.


Michael Phelps Swim Spa

Ranging between $40,000 – $50,000, these “European Inspired Styling” swim spas are basically more expensive than any other brands, but are honestly high quality. It produces currents that are capable to quite large amount of resistance to swim against. Because the water current can be adjusted, it allows swimmers of different skill levels to capture the benefits of the swim spa.

All Michael Phelps Swim Spas are energy efficient, easy to install and maintain. It may not be one of the best values for money, but its price also speaks for benefits that it can offer.

Swim Spa Manufacturers

At a price of $9,995, this unique revolutionary waterfall swim spa can let you have the ultimate spa experience whether for relaxation or therapeutic health benefits.

You may be able to save money with direct buying from swim spa manufacturers. Not only will they give you lesser price, but they can also offer you free custom configurations and full service spa delivery and set up. So that’s just the same as having a freebie.

Spa with thermo

ThermoSpas Swim Spa

These swim spas that ranges from prices of $11,000 to $30,000, will offer you a great space for a  wide range of exercises; from swimming, walking, jogging in place, rowing, and working out on both your upper and lower body strength.

With 12 people that can enjoy the comforts and relaxation it can offer, it is also ideal for groups or just enjoying the company of your family members.

Take note that not all companies or manufacturers tell their prices publicly. Calling or going to them might be the best way to have an idea with their price list and what other services they can offer.

Points to Consider in Comparing Swim Spas

You may have picked the right swim spa that would be useful not only for yourself but will also not have any violent reactions from your wallet. But you may want to consider this points that can add up to your swim spa’s cost.

  • Shipping & Delivery

    – Different companies charge differently with handling. Delivery includes using a crane or fork lift for your swim spa to position on your desired spot.

  • Installation

    – Different swim spas also requires different electrical requirements. Your swim spa might require some on-site assembly.

  • Operation

    – most swim spas have the same operating costs. However, if you live in places with cold climates or plan to use your swim spa during winter, you may want to ask about its heating costs, insulations and covers.

  • Maintenance

    – you may also want to compare warrantees from other swim spa brands. You may want to look at complaints about its services.

Remember that dealers and manufactures are flexible with their swim spa’s cost. It is best to negotiate and ask for their advice on what can be the best product for you that will also suit your budget.