The Caldera Spas

Stress will transformed into relaxation when you are having a hot tub in your very own house. Tension will release from where it localized down to your muscles within. Muscles will recover from your strenuous daily activities.

You will feel the tranquility of your own place because it helps your mind clears. Your days will turn into slow one because of the relaxation on what hot tub gives you.

Caldera Spas Will Differ From the Other Spa Manufacturers

The Caldera spas is focusing on the pure comfort that will give to the customers, pure performance and with its pure style.

Caldera spas will give you hot tub model that will definitely meet your specific appealing taste, size that will fit your own bathroom and budget that will suit your pocket.

With their unique features such as SpaGlo lighting, stainless-steel trimmed jets and the Acquarella waterfall, the Caldera Spas will give you their number one hot tubs in the industry.

Chains of Strings for their Hot Tubs

Utopia Series

In this series they features 4 premium hot tub models that will give you your new tastes and ideas for your home.

It includes 4 luxury hot tubs with a wide array of choices like exclusive hot tub jet features, lounge seating arrangements and many more.

  • Cantabria – For 8 Person
    This is a hot tub that will give you very spacious that is good for 8 adults, and it includes an UltraMassage lounge seat that will make you relax while taking a dip in your Cantabria hot tub.This UltraMassuese System will offers 6 different jet sequences at their 3 different speeds that will allow you to customize your hot tub adventure.
  • Niagara – For 7 persons
    This hot tub will accommodate 7 adults for your backyard space that will let you relax in your backyard.
  • Geneva – For 6 persons
    This hot tub is the same with Niagra but the difference in between is their lounge seats. It will accommodate 6 adult people.It includes patented Sole Soothers jets that will let you have a relaxation time with your family and friends.
  •  Tahitian – for 6 persons
    It includes a lounge seat that will accommodate 6 persons in your Tehitian hot tub. It includes the features and jets that will give a plus to your relaxation with an ultimate hydro-massage.You can exceptionally add optional wireless music system that will add up your spice in having a relaxing time.

Paradise Series

This series of Caldera Spa will gives you the luxurious hot tub without having the problem of a higher price.

It will let you relax knowing that your tub has this feature of hydro therapeutic massage that will add a quality to your hot tub.

  • Makena – For 6 Persons
    It has 46 jets and 12 points of light that will add to the backlit waterfall to enhance your experience in using Makena.
  • Salina – For 7 persons
    Their seating configuration is open for all your families and friends.Having a foot well that will let you give a foot massage is one of the powerful feature of Salina that all the users will enjoy this.
  • Martinique – For 5 persosn
    This hot tub has this “Sole Soother” Jets that will provide you direct stimulation to your feet.
  • Kauai – For 3 persons
    This hot tub fits both indoors and outdoors.
  • Vacanza Series
    This hot tub is great for corner unit either in your outdoors, indoors or anywhere in your house.
  • Aventine –  For 2 persons
  • Tarino – For 5 persons

Caldera Spa Parts is a Plus for You!

Caldera Spa did not fail in giving you the best experience in their hot tubs. Plus their accessories will give you two thumbs up in adding up spices in your own hot tub.

Lowest prices when it comes to their Caldera Spa Parts will includes Caldera Spa Filters, Caldera Spa Pillows, Heaters, Control Boards, Sensors, Circulation Pumps, Heater Relay Boards, Control panels and their Spa Lights.