The Wonderful Costco Hot Tubs – Are They Any Good?

When you are planning to buy a hot tub, the first thing that you think of, if this hot tub is really worth it to spend a thousand bucks? The first thing you are checking if the manufacturer of this hot tub is more eligible than the other.

Probably most of the people would agree that Costco is one of the best manufacturer you would go if you are owning a big spa business, or for your very own big family. They provide the best deal for your household and they assure you that spending your money to them is a wise decision.

Costco Company doesn’t just offer you hot tub aside from the tubs they are offering, they also offers lots of variety for your households.

They have a lot of different kinds of hot tub to choose from. It depends on your taste and to your location you desired to put your tub.

Variety of Costco Spas

Evolution Spas

This spa is one of the variety of Costco that have different features that will suit your tastes in hot tubs. It can also accommodate big families for your household, or for your business it can accommodate certain big numbers of customers.

The difference of Evolution Spas from the other kind of Costco Hot Tubs is that this evolution spa has it total of 4 pumps for the speed and the air blower pump.

It has 110 stainless steel accented jets which will include 91 fully adjustable, directional jets that engineered with threaded inserts for the strength.

It has also it 3 air controls for the ability of the hot tub to divert the water from one seat to another to provide a customized hydrotherapy.

In this type of hot tubs, it has the Energy-Lok insulation system for the heat of the water to stay on the hot tub. High density closed cell foam were injected into the dual-walled cabinet that will forms a highly efficient thermal barrier so that it will remains the temperature of the water.

Aquattera Spas

The same with the other spas, this hot tub Costco can accommodate bigger numbers of your families and customers as well.

It has also heater that will make your water turns into your ideal temperature to add up relaxation in your body.

But the thing that differ this from the other is that it has 2 speed pump to maintain the quality of the hot tub.

It has this cascading waterfall that differs from the other hot tubs of Costco and a LED light.

An ozonator was also installed in this hot tub.

You can also choose from the color of sand shell with gray synthetic wood siding. You can as well place this hot tub to a concrete slab.

Divine Hot Tubs

In this hot tub, the different features from the other is that it has this Lighted European Waterfall Fountain Arches style that will make you transfer to another place in Europe. This will surely add up relaxation in your body and mind.

It has 115 jet spa which is the superior in providing hydrotherapy massage. You can already enjoy a full body hydrotherapy massage in the ergonomically zero gravity full body massage lounger.

Each of the jets were adjustable to the level you want it. In addition to that it has this LED Divine Mood Lighting that is located in 75 of the 115 jets, pillows, waterfall fountain arches, to your controls and cabinets to name them few.

It also includes a wireless sound system where you can enjoy listening to your music and will add up relaxation in your body.

Bottom Line

You have a variety in buying a hot tub under the Costco, but you need to read the specifications if this will suit your pocket and your personality.

One thing about the delivering of your hot tub to your backyard you need to prepare to pay around $400 to hire a spa moving company because they can’t provide you that.