The “Value Spa” – The Great Lakes Hot Tub

Great lakes Spas’ goal is to provide the customers not just great satisfaction in their hot tubs, but they also provide user-friendly features, hassle free when it comes to their maintenance and add up the energy efficiency that will make your spa experience three thumbs up.

They always have been known as a “Value Spa”, since they are providing their hot tubs more affordable to the consumers. They only offer spas in the low to mid prices category which makes the consumers attracted to buy their products.

Their small to midsize spas were ranging from $4000-$5000 rather than the other spas which are ranging from $6000-$12000, which makes it more expensive for them.

They have two categories of Spa that will fits your lifestyle and taste when it comes to your hot tubexperience. Each categories have 8 different kinds of hot tubs that have also unique great lakes hot tub parts.

Deluxe Series

In this series, all the active persons even young or old will have the great opportunity in experiencing the great spa. Even the large numbers of family have added new dimension to their lifestyle by using the Great Lakes Spa plus their great lakes spa parts that will add the feature.

Excel Series

Excel Series added the quality of the hot tubs and the craftsmanship. It includes stainless steel accents to the excel hot tubs on their all jet fittings. This will add the stunning beauty of the spa when it set against the shell color sections. Standard 5:4 cover were included for the energy efficiency.

Ozone injection System were included for the clearing of the water. It also included the waterfall jet and Soft-Glo lighting to illuminate the hot tub.

It has 3 year components warranty which it makes this collection excel from the other hot tubs, which makes them named Excel.


In general, this can accommodate maximum of 5 seats. It has multi-level bench. And it is measurable by 79” diameter x 34” H.  It can fit through your standard doorway for your easy indoor installation.

Deluxe Series: It has 23 Jets included in the spa plus a 1 pump that will give you the best therapeutically experience.

Excel: all the features form the deluxe series can be found in this series plus in addition of SuperTherm Cover included. Ozone System and Stainless Steel Jets were also included in the package for the water treatment.


In general, this can accommodate three to four person in 32’ deep of water. It more spacious than most.

Each set has been engineered to provide comfortable, relaxing soak and a powerful, steady flow to all jets. It was molded in cup holders that will add the convenience to your spa experience.

Deluxe Series: it included the 17 jets, and 1 pump.

Excel Series: all the features that can be found from deluxe series GL3 plus the premium cabinet, SuperTherm Cover, Soft-Glo, Light Package, Ozone System and the Stainless Steel Jets.


The new design that will add to the luxury to your backyard makes GL35 easier to place with its limited deck space.  It can accommodate 2-3 persons. In couples, they can already enjoy a warm, relaxing time in this hot tub with its more customizable jets and choices of seats which included the lounger and bucket seat.

It also included the standard recessed cup holders, multicolored LED lighting headrests that add the romantic ambiance to your hot tub.

Deluxe Series: 19 jets and 1 pump were included.

Excel Series: all the features from deluxe series of GL35, plus the features from the other excel series, the thing is that it has its waterfall jet.

These are one of the collections that the Great Lakes Hot tub offers. They are very most convenient if you are cutting the cost for your budget but you want to experience your spa anytime.