The Spa in a Box will Give You Affordable Spa Luxury!

This portable Spa in a Box will give you hassle free set up in just 20 minutes. You can plug it into your regular household outlet. It has these micro air-jets that will provide you a vigorous body massage that will soothe your sore muscles the same with what any luxury hot tubs can give you.


This is the company who is originally manufacturers of the Spa in a box, the replacement parts and etc. to name them few.

They never stop on providing excellent quality if hot spa to the consumers.

They offer lot of variety of Spa in a Box that will suit your needs and wants!

Spa-N-A-Box Real Wood 6’ Portable Spa

You can now relax anywhere, anytime using your 6 ft. Spa-N-A-Box that will feature the Custom built real redwood panels. For the beautiful natural wood finish rather than the stimulated faux wood plastic version found on the stock panels.
It heats up to 104 degrees but can be fully adjusted and has the 100 micro air jets. Which will let you enjoy your hot tub soak, and will soothe your soaring muscles by their hydrotherapy massage. It is good for the people who suffer from chronic back pain or maybe just wanted to unwind from the stress of the day.
And it is also a great choice for aerobics exercise because of its comfortable padded floor. It allows you to move freely and sit wherever you wanted.
It resists the insects or termites because of its real redwood panels with an additional redwood waterproofing stain. To repel the water and to resist the UV degradation.
It is truly portable, because you can set it up in less than 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry for the tools, wiring or special plumbing.

Hardcover for Spa-N-A-Box and Snappy Spa

The hard cover will provide the heat retention of the water from extreme climates. It is hinged in the middle for an easy removal and foam cores were tapered from 4” to 2-1/2” for the rain water runoff.
It includes the 8 lockable straps for safety. The exterior is made of heavy duty marine grade vinyl to last longer.

Spa-N-A-Box parts

Let’s dig up the part that makes the spa-n-a-box wonderful to our consumers

Union Assembly Nut

This is fits on spa tub and will screw it into the power pack to check the valve.

6ft SNB Inflatable Cover

This inflatable cover will help the retention of the heat for the spa, and will also domes the cover for rain runoff.

6’ SNB Soft Cover

This is applicable for new model only. It was constructed by a heavy duty vinyl, backed with mylar material that will aid in heat retention, will keep you water warm.

SNB 6Ft Liner

This is a replacement liner for the new models. It includes the filters inside the power pack that has this LED topside display.

Sim Wood Solid Wall Panel

This is stimulated wood panel that is solid with no holes and will be the replacement panel for the 6ft Spa-N-A-Box.

SNB 6ft Extrusion

This is the replacement for the corner pieces for the SNB 6ft model.

Sim Wood Hole Panel

This stimulated wood grain replacement panel has this hole cut outs for the use with the new style Spa-N-A-box. Where the power pack hoses connect to the spa.

SNB Floor Foam Padding

It has this 3 piece set of foam padding that will fits under spa liner for Spa-N-A-Box during installation. For the added comfort and cushioning.

Real Wood Panel Upgrade Kit for Spa-N-A-Box

It will upgrade the look and functionality of your hot tub with these stunning real wood panels. This is made up of Cedar and Beautifully Redwood stained to inhibit the water absorption. UV degradation and rot, these panels will sure last longer.
This is built with additional insulation to help your spa nice, just the way you like it for your very own bathroom.